New Year, New Goals

January 4, 2017

Setting new goals for the year ahead

First of all, I want to wish everyone a very happy new year and thank you all for supporting this little blog during 2016. I hope everyone had a great break. I made myself take some time off and thoroughly enjoyed a more relaxed pace of life. Although I didn’t stop eating the whole time (well there was roast potatoes and chocolate). Today is my first day back to work since Christmas and I’ve come back refreshed after the break. Although I’m probably still going through my inbox as your read this.

Before we get into regular posts I wanted to do the traditional new year post setting goals and looking back over 2016. I’ve checked back and for some reason, I didn’t do this last year so can’t refer back to any new year goals. However, I did set myself a few end of year goals in September which I will update you on today (read my autumn goals). I’ll also be sharing some of my goals for the year ahead.

In this post, I’ll:

Reviewing My 2016 Goals

Have a Blog Revamp – Achieved! Back in September I moved my blog over to WordPress and switched up the theme. This was probably one of the best things I ever did for my blog.

Be More Proactive – On-Going! This was always going to be an on-going goal but I have made more effort to seek out opportunities. I still have a way to go with approaching brands to work with creating my own opportunities.

Get Healthy – Fail! I’ve marked this as a fail because right now I feel so unhealthy. I’ve eaten pretty much non-stop for the last week and I’m craving healthy food. I want to have a healthier lifestyle so will be carrying this goal forward.

Minimalism – On-Going! I’ve started my journey towards a more minimalist lifestyle. I’ve been slowly working my way through the house clearing out the clutter. I’m still working on defining exactly what minimalism means to me but I’m enjoying the process.

Get Up Earlier – Achieved! I started setting my alarm again and forcing myself to get up and ready for work in the morning. I’m now back into the routine of getting up early and find I no longer sleep in. This works much better for me as I’m a lot more productive in the mornings.

Goals For 2017

Get Healthy (carried forward from 2016) I think I failed at this because I didn’t make it clear what getting healthy meant to me. I’m not looking to loose weight I just want to feel fitter and eat better. I’m not going to make any major changes right now just make sure I’m active every day and eat a little better. I think I’ll start making more effort with this in spring when the weather improves and I can spend more time outdoors.

Slow Down Taking time off over Christmas has reminded me of the importance of slowing down and enjoying the simple things in life. I hate the constant glorification of busy and want to do my bit to fight against it by never allowing myself to get so busy with work that I can’t enjoy life. I’m going to give myself a day off to do nothing every so often and not feel guilty about watching Netflix all day.

Stop Feeling Guilty This is in relation to shopping habits and being ethical although it also works for Netflix. Sometimes I find myself feeling guilty that a purchase isn’t 100% ethical or that I’m not doing enough. But the fact that I’ve done something is better than nothing. I’m also going to stop listening to those you try to preach their ethics to me. As ethics is so subjective I need to focus on what I feel comfortable with and trust my gut more often.

Live More Sustainably I’m taking part in the IKEA LiveLAGOM project this year which is all about making small changes to make your lifestyle more sustainable. There will be a more in-depth post on this coming up. I’m looking forward to seeing what impact these small changes make, especially whether or not it saves me money.

What To Expect On Tartan Brunette in 2017

There isn’t going to be too many changes to the content you see here. I want to focus on the idea of choosing quality in all areas of your life and attainable luxury. I’m not talking about buying all designer stuff. For one thing, I can’t afford it and I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to justify spending thousands on one item (I’m so boring I’d be putting that money towards my mortgage). I’m talking about the little luxuries in life such as a beautiful cashmere scarf, deluxe scented candle or some luxurious skincare. It’s about buying quality, making it last and enjoying the things you own.

Of course, I will continue sharing details of my capsule wardrobe as well as discussing slow living and sustainable living. I also want to start doing more beauty posts and maybe a couple of travel posts.

Please let me know in the comments if there is anything you want me to talk about this year. And remember to follow me via Bloglovin so you never miss a post.

2 responses to “New Year, New Goals”

  1. Caroline says:

    I think you did well for what you achieved in 2016. A blog revamp helps towards so much more. Since having mine, I feel so much more happy and creative.
    I can totally relate to your goals for this year and I look forward to seeing how you handle and achieve them. Slowing down is one I’m sure that many can relate too. It;s the want to slow down and take time off, but then your point on feeling guilty comes in that you feel you should be doing something! Haha!
    I’m interested about the LiveLAGOM. I saw your tweets and had a quick Goggle, but am sure your explanation will be a lot more simpler.


    • Jen says:

      Your blog is looking great right now and totally agree that a revamp helps to inspire you. I have a full post on LiveLAGOM coming up next week which will hopefully explain it x

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