My Winter 2016 Capsule Wardrobe

January 15, 2016

Since the last couple of posts have been on creating your own capsule wardrobe, it seems only fair that I show you what I’ve decided to include in my capsule wardrobe this season. I’ve made a few changes from my autumn capsule wardrobe, for my winter wardrobe I’ve a few more pieces of cosy knitwear and decided to reduce the number of shoes. I also allowed myself to make a few new purchases (something I didn’t do for my autumn capsule) since this was the first time I’d shopped in ages I was very fussy. Most of the items I ordered went back (whereas I would have kept them before), having a smaller wardrobe means you want everything in it to be perfect. I’m happy with what I’ve got and looking forward to finding new ways to style everything. I’ve also reduced the total number from 40 items to 33 items, which is something I didn’t think I would manage when I created my first capsule wardrobe. I was a little hesitant about including coats in this season’s capsule, living in Scotland the weather can be pretty unpredictable and it’s hard to judge what kind of coats I will need for the next 3 months. In the end, I decided to include 3 coats, which are winter appropriate, as with my last capsule I haven’t included the waterproof coat I wear for walking the dog. If towards the end of the season, the weather starts getting milder and the coats I’ve picked aren’t suitable I will switch them out with what I have stored away (most likely my leather jacket). But right now these 3 should do.

So before I ramble on anymore let’s get into what I’ve included in my winter 2016 capsule wardrobe. I’ve marked the new items I’ve to purchase with *, everything else is either out of storage or carried over from my autumn capsule.


Tops x16
Oasis Chunky Grey Knit (similar)
Superdry Blue/Grey Jumper* (exact)
Topshop Lightweight Grey Jumper (similar)
Whistles Tweed Jumper* (similar)
Asos Dark Grey Knit* (exact)
Topshop Cream Jumper (similar)
Topshop Navy Jumper (similar)
Oasis Lightweight Black Knit (similar)
River Island Black Roll Neck* (exact)
Topshop Maroon Wrap Blouse (similar)
Whistles Spot Shirt* (exact)
Jack Wills Flannel Shirt (similar)
Oasis Black Blouse (similar)
Mango Black Boxy T-Shirt (similar or similar)
Oasis Stripe Long Sleeved Top (similar)
Zara Stripe Blouse (similar)

Bottoms x6
Oasis Blue Jeans (exact)
Oasis Black Jeans (exact)
River Island Leather Look Jeans (exact)
Oasis Leather Look Skirt (similar)
Warehouse Suede Skirt* (exact)
Zara Burgundy Skirt* (exact)

Dresses x1
Topshop Maroon Skater Dress (exact)

Coats x3
Zara Cream Coat (similar)
Miss Sixty Parka (similar)
Zara Padded Coat (similar)

Shoes x7
Topshop Ankle Boots (similar)
Ted & Muffy Over the Knee Boots (exact)
Ted & Muffy Riding Boots* (exact)
New Balance Trainers* (exact)
Oasis Chelsea Boots (similar)
Dune Beige Ankle Boots (similar)
Nine West Heeled Booties (similar)


11 responses to “My Winter 2016 Capsule Wardrobe”

  1. At first glance, your clothes rail looks last lacking but reading the list of clothes, it looks ample. I probably have around 16 tops for winter wear – a few are thin basic tops that can be worn under jumpers.

    I have a semi capsule wardrobe and like the idea of only choosing flattering clothes, therefore you feel good every day.

    Do you have to include bags and scarves?

    • admin says:

      I haven't got the coats on the clothes rail as they are pretty bulky. I think we are all so used to have our wardrobes packed full of clothes that we forget how little we actually use.

      I don't include accessories (the bag and scarf are just there for decoration), however I only use around 3 bags in rotation. I also don't include lounge wear (anything that's just worn in the house), PJs and underwear, workout gear or my waterproofs and boots for walking the dog.

  2. Kaye Ford says:

    I love the minimalistic pictures and the clothes rail! I wish I could stick to having a capsule wardrobe rather than buying SO much

    • admin says:

      I'm slightly obsessed with minimalistic clothes rails (even have a Pinterest board of them). I love the fact that I can fit all my clothes on one rail (rather the packed into 2 separate wardrobes)

  3. I think I have far too many Summer items and not enough Winter items in my wardrobe. I guess I am pretty optimistic about the British weather lol! I wear a lot of dresses all year round with leggings or tights underneath.

    • admin says:

      I'm the opposite, I love winter clothing. Living in Scotland I pretty much wear jumpers all year round. Love dresses worn with tights and boots in winter – such a great way to keep wearing your favourites all year.

      Jen x

  4. I love this. So tempted to do a similar thing, I am a mega clothes hoarder and a super for 'options'

    • admin says:

      I know what you mean about hoarding clothes just in case – I used to have so many things I never wore just in case. So liberating when you finally have a big purge and get rid of those things.

      Jen x

  5. Oooo I heard of capsule wardrobe before and I was seriously considering doing it. I've been cleaning out my closet. Still a lot of work to be done but it's getting there!

    Julie |

  6. GlassesShop says:

    I love the minimalistic pictures and the clothes rail!

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