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January 3, 2015

I recently moved house and thought I would share some of my tips on moving with you. I’m focusing on the actual moving part of moving house as I’m in no way qualified or experienced enough to help you with mortgages etc.

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Before You Move


Essentials Kit

On the Day

  • Pack your valuables and overnight bags in your car before the movers arrive so they don’t get mixed up.
  • Give the removal men space to do their job. Keep the tea and coffee flowing and relax – you have a long day ahead.
  • I recommend cleaning each room as it’s emptied. Even if you don’t have to clean (eg for rental deposit) it’s just nice to leave the house clean for the new people. I would also be embarrassed if the house wasn’t clean. Give all the floors a quick hover and wipe down any surfaces. This also gives you something to do while the removal men clear out the furniture and boxes.
  • Once everything is in the van have a look in every room to make sure you haven’t missed anything.
  • Lastly, before you leave remember to take photos with your phone of your electricity and gas meter readings. You will need to give these to the provider so they can calculate your final bill.
  • Make sure your car is packed up and lock up for the last time.
  • It can sometimes take a while before you get into your new house. Even though you were out by 12noon the people leaving your new house might not be out until 2 pm. Money transfers can also slow the process down. It’s a good idea to have somewhere to go, I popped into my mums for a cup of tea.
  • Pick up your keys and start moving in.
  • Take photos on your phone of the electricity and gas meters as you will need to give these to the provider to open your account.
  • Check the central heating is working – any issues contact your solicitor.
  • We arranged for the movers to bring the furniture around the next day so there was much less pressure to collect the keys by a certain time. It also meant we had the whole of the following day to get sorted.


  • As I’ve said before it’s just polite to leave your house clean for anyone else moving in, however not everyone will do this so be prepared to clean once you move in. When we moved into our house it was filthy. The toilets were dirty, carpets hadn’t even been hovered, kitchen cupboards needed to be wiped, the oven was cover with baked on grease and there was a funny smell from the dishwasher. I had brought some basic cleaning products and my hover in the car with me. This meant that we could get most of it cleaned before the movers arrived. Definitely not the best way to spend the first night in your new house – scrubbing toilets.

Once You’re In

  • If the old owners receive any mail remember it’s illegal to open it so don’t. You also shouldn’t throw it away. If they have left contact number let them know and they can pick it up. If they have left a forwarding address it’s up to you whether or not the send it on to them, remember you will have to pay any postage costs up front. The best thing to do is to write ‘return to sender, not at this address’ on it and pop it back in the post.
  • The first thing you should do is get your bed set up. You don’t want to work until 9 pm and then realise you still need to put up your bed (I guarantee you will be exhausted by then)
  • I recommend unpacking boxes as soon as possible. The kitchen is the easiest room to start in as its normally a case of picking which cupboard you want everything. Go through the house room by room unpacking everything in that room. This means you wouldn’t be surrounded by boxes for weeks to come.
  • Removal companies will often collect your empty boxes from you as they can reuse them. If you didn’t use a removal company then you may have to make a few trips to the recycling centre. Try to do this as soon as possible
  • If you used a removal company you may want to tip the movers. We decided to give each of them £10 as they had worked really hard throughout the move. It’s up to you whether or not to tip so don’t feel any pressure to.
  • Take your time making changes, this is now your home and you should obviously want it to feel like it, but that doesn’t mean you have to redecorate the whole house straight away. Pick which changes are most important to you and plan what you can afford to do. We would like to knock through the wall between the kitchen and dining room to create a large dining kitchen, however, this is expensive so we need time to save up. Little things like putting up your pictures, changing light fittings and curtains can help make the house feel your own.
  • Now you’re settled in, it’s time to pop open the champagne and enjoy your new home.
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  1. Really helpful post, I'm moving in a couple weeks so I'll have to remember these tips!

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