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October 14, 2016

List of useful links for anyone interested in minimalism

As you guys know I’m really interested in the concept of minimalism. Not in the sense of throwing away everything I own and living with as little as possible but rather the idea of only owning things which add value to your life. Minimalism to me is about identifying what’s important and eliminating everything else. Like with anything I’m interested my first stop with minimalism was to find blogs to read, Podcasts to listen to and YouTubers to watch. I love learning about how others interpret minimalism and how they incorporate it into their lives. Today I wanted to share a few of my favourite minimalist links with you to keep you busy over the weekend.

The Blogs

The Private Life of A Girl – I’ve been following Sophie for a while now and love her sense of style and outlook on simple and ethical living. Her blog her a simple minimalist aesthetic which suits the inspirational content. This is a must read for anyone interested in minimal style and simple living.

Be More With Less – Be more with less is a fantastic source of information on all things minimal and capsule wardrobes. Created by Courtney Craver who introduced project 333 (a capsule wardrobe challenge) it is a hub for anyone interested in living with less.

The Blissful Mind – I discovered The Blissful Mind through Pinterest and it is full of useful posts on minimalism, capsule wardrobes and living with intention. If you’re looking for tips and advice on how to simplify your life make sure you check out The Blissful Mind

The Podcasts

The Lively Show – I’ve been listening to The Lively Show for a while now and love the focus on simplifying and living with more intention. Earlier seasons are full of interviews with bloggers and entrepreneurs which are so inspiring.

The Simple Sophisticate – This Podcast is about choosing quality over quantity, sensible living over consumption and personal style over fast fashion all ideals I can get behind. This is the perfect Podcast for anyone wanting a more fulfilling life

An Uncluttered Life – This Podcast ideal for anyone feeling overwhelmed by life (not just clutter). An uncluttered life takes you by the hand and helps you begin the process of creating a more simple, minimal life.

The YouTubers

Rachel Aust – Rachel’s channel is full of tips on healthy living, style and minimalism. She has a great sense of style and a beautiful home. Rachel offers fantastic tips and advice for anyone interested in minimalism

Use Less – This channel is more about minimalist style than the lifestyle but there are still plenty of videos on a more simple lifestyle. Signe has had a similar journey to me from a shopaholic to creating a more sustainable capsule wardrobe. I just love her Scandinavian style.

Jenny Mustard – This channel is a new discovery but I love Jenny’s style and openness. Jenny is a vegan minimalist and shares what she eats, style tips as well as great advice for anyone interested in minimalism.



List of minimalist blogs, podcasts and YouTube channels for anyone interested in minimalism


5 responses to “Minimalist Links”

  1. Jessi says:

    I don’t think I could ever be a true minimalist, largely because I genuinely get a lot of happiness from sentimental things and like having a lot of kitchen items ? but I’m fascinated with the concept because I still want to declutter, and to live a simpler, more purposeful life. These all look like great resources, will definitely check them out!


    • Jen says:

      I think if you get happiness out of an item then keeping it is still minimalist. To me, minimalism is about only owning things which add value to your life so kitchen items and sentimental things count. Same as you I’ll never be someone with only 100 things but I love the idea of a simpler life which is why I’m so interested in minimalism.
      Jen x

  2. Iga Berry says:

    Thank you for sharing! I was looking for podcasts so I am quite chuffed I decided to pop in and check out how are you doing. Happy New Year! Love, Iga x

  3. Thank you for sharing these!

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