Meet The Maker: ZARAMIA AVA

July 10, 2017

Meet the Maker: ZARAMIA AVAI’ve another meet the maker interview for you today whilst I’m off enjoying the sunshine. Today I’m talking to ZaraMia from ZaraMia Ava a contemporary sustainable fashion brand.

Could you introduce yourself and tell me about your brand?

I’m ZaraMia Ava Fashion Designer & Stylist based in Leeds. ZARAMIA AVA is an exclusive independent label creating contemporary menswear & womenswear. Contrasting structured shapes together with draping to construct a unique style. Sustainable luxury with zero waste made for the fashion conscious with a conscience.

Why do you think Fashion Revolution and the slow fashion movement are important?

Fashion is one of the worst industries for polluting the world. Fast fashion & trends are making people over buy badly made clothing that falls to pieces; most end up as landfill; this has to be stopped as there is no need. Being a fashion designer I can prove to people fashion doesn’t have to be harmful, from the fabrics to the people making it. It doesn’t have to look as people imagine when they think of ethical clothing; it can be contemporary! I think sustainability should be a core value in any business. 

Meet the Maker: ZARAMIA AVACould you tell me about how you ensure your brand remains ethical/sustainable?

As I see it, it can only get more ethical. We have a strong ethos we stand by, and we are constantly changing making it as ethical as it can be. 

At the moment I design and produce all the collections, we are currently looking for ethical manufacturers. The fabrics I use are deadstock end of roll fabrics, this stops these fabrics ending up as landfill and fabric waste. As well as sourcing organic natural fabrics. We are zero waste all the waste such as patten paper, card, fabrics, are recycled and reused. We are all vegan at ZARAMIA AVA we are against animal cruelty, we don’t use leather wool or silk. We try our very best and are always looking into how we can improve.

Price is often given as a barrier to ethical fashion. Could you tell me the average price of your pieces? (If they are £100+ please explain the higher cost eg fair wages, quality, materials etc)

I have a range of prices: 

Made to order range from (£95-£460)

Buying end of roll fabrics is saving on fabric waste, which would otherwise be thrown away and become landfill. The garments made with these fabrics are limited edition, that makes them extra special this costs more than buying bulk fabric.

Made to order is more time consuming it isn’t as efficient as cutting and making multiple garments.   

Affordable outsourced branding (£8.99-£45) 

These include accessories and branded products. 

They are sourced using reputable manufacturers, we are always looking to improve.

Samples old stock (£25-£75)

These can be found on the ZARAMIA AVA website, these collections are reduced due to the new rebrand or samples made especially for fashion shows and photoshoots. 

We also have many promotions and discounts which are advertised on social media.

Meet the Maker: ZARAMIA AVAWhat are your top tips for consumers looking to make more ethical purchases?

You don’t need to spend a fortune to be ethical:

We at ZARAMIA AVA are always learning and improving, we want to build awareness of sustainability! Working together to make a better world!
Meet the Maker: ZARAMIA AVA
* Photos shared with permission from ZaraMia Ava

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