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February 5, 2016

It’s been a long time since I’ve sat down to share what’s been going on in my life. I sometimes think my life is so boring, I have nothing worth sharing with you guys so don’t bother with this kind of posts. But it’s about time we sat down for a (virtual) cup of tea and a natter. I promise I wouldn’t just share about how I spend my evenings at home with the dog (although that is what I do).


I’m going straight in with the bad news, my office was broken into the other night. Nothing of any value was taken but they completely and utterly trashed the place. I’m talking every window broken, holes in walls, computers thrown across the room, paper everywhere, they even broke the alarm panel and stole our fire extinguisher. Que one of the longest days ever, we weren’t allowed to touch anything until the police came (do you know how hard it is to not tidy up when it’s such a mess) and they didn’t show until after lunch, then the very nerve wrecking testing of the computers (we had everything backed up but still) and finally the tidy up. We’re still sorting through all the paperwork which was thrown around and trying to get the office back to normal (well as normal as you can be with boarded up windows). So to say it’s been a stressful couple of days would be an understatement. Hopefully, things will settle down next week.

On to the more exciting things, I was lucky enough to get to spend a Friday night surrounded by supercars recently. I was invited along to the Of One Mind networking event at Aston Martin.  Of One Mind organise luxury networking events. Just before Christmas, they held an event in Lamborghini, which I went along to with my husband. Amazing cocktails and £300,000 cars make for a great date night. The latest event was held at Aston Martin (can you spot a theme). I wasn’t that interested in the Lamborghini’s but the Aston’s are another story if I had the money I would have ordered one on the night. Seriously I had a great time, sitting in all the cars pretending I was a female James Bond. After trying out all the Aston’s I found myself a room full of Rolls Royce’s, now you’re talking luxury (fancy a rose gold dash, with spot lights in the ceiling) although I could never imagine actually driving one. On the subject of cars I picked up my new car the other week, so feeling very fancy driving around town. Unfortunately, it’s not an Aston Martin Vantage (one day) but it does have that new car smell.


Not sure if I’ve mentioned this on here or not, but I’m part of the Edinburgh Bloggers team (I’m the official blogger) which is a blogging community based in Edinburgh. I’m been busy working on the Edinburgh Bloggers site. We have decided to update the database of Edinburgh-based bloggers and create a blog list based on blog topics. It took me ages to work out how to create a drop down menu’s for all the topics (seriously it took all night, and yes I did celebrate once I did it) and keeping the database up to date is taking a bit of time. If you are an Edinburgh Blogger and want to be on the list just fill in the form here. If you want to read more detailed posts on the events I attend to check out the Edinburgh Bloggers Blog.

I think that’s about it, the hubby and I are planning a wee week away at the end of the month, so I’m trying to be organised and get some posts written for when I’m away (easier said than done). I also have a few exciting events coming up so looks like February is going to be another busy month. Although I’m sure I’ll still have plenty of sofa dates with the dog!


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  1. Mammaful Zo says:

    I'm so sorry to hear of your break in 🙁 sending you big hugs <3 xxxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

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