Kiehls on Wheels

August 25, 2016
Kiehl's On Wheels

It feels like ages since I’ve sat down to share an event with you guys. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy attending lots of events but none of them felt special enough to share on here. I only want to share things which I think you’ll be interested in, and if I’m honest a lot of blog events consist of drinking a glass of prosecco and looking around a shop. I really struggle to turn that kind of event into a blog post, personally, I want every blog post I share to be useful to you guys and saying I had a nice night out really isn’t that useful is it. If you want to see pictures from all these events then make sure you follow me on Twitter and Instagram as I share what I’m up to there. But anyway before I ramble on and on about attending events lets talk about the recent Kiehl’s on Wheels event here in Edinburgh.

Kiehl’s are travelling up and down the country in their Kiehl’s on Wheels bus sharing their approach to healthy skin. While the bus was in Edinburgh to take part in the city’s festival season, Kiehl’s invited a few local bloggers along for a skincare masterclass. Being a lover of Kiehl’s I couldn’t resist saying yes to me invite and made sure I was free to attend.

The bus was parked in the middle of George Street right in the city centre, although you wouldn’t guess from the way the team had it set up with fake grass and picnic benches. On the tables, our amazing gift bags were sitting waiting for us (along with tasty cupcakes). Kiehl’s had kindly gifted a range of miniatures and samples for us to try as well as teaming up with local businesses for a few extra treats. Once we had all arrived and had a good look through our gift bags in was time for the skincare masterclass to begin.

Kiehl's Goodies

In an unusual turn of events, I volunteered to be our host and expert Hannah’s model for the evening. So instead of sitting back and listening to Hannah talk about the products I got to experience them all first hand. However this did involve having my make-up removed in the middle of a very busy George Street, not sure I thought that through. The first step was having the health of my skin tested, I’ve never experienced this before as normally brands go straight in with the products. Hannah check my skins oil levels, I’m oily in the T-zone than the cheeks as expected and she also tested my skins hydration. My skin was a little low on hydration but not terrible. After testing my skin it was time to remove the day’s makeup and grime. Hannah used Kiehl’s Centella Skin-Calming Cleanser on my skin. This cleanser felt really lightweight on the skin and did a pretty impressive job of removing my make-up quickly. I would normally double cleanse if I’m wearing make-up to make sure everything is off and this did it in one wipe. However, I do prefer a cream or gel cleanser which you remove with water and a flannel over ones you remove with cotton pads. Hannah then put a little of the Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Mask on the back of my hand to dry while I had the rest of the skincare routine done. This is a 5-minute mask, perfect for when you have an event or those days when your skin looks a bit dull. You could see the difference on my hand instantly after it was removed and I can’t wait to try it on my face.

Skin Treatment

The next step was toner and Hannah sprayed my face with Kiehl’s Cactus Flower Mist which is a fairly new product. I had read a few reviews on this and already had it on my to-try list so was really happy to have it used on me (plus we received one in our gift bags 🙂 ). This felt lovely on the skin, so light and refreshing and my skin soaked it up instantly. I have used the Liz Earle toning mist in the past and think I prefer this one.


Next up was serum, Hannah went for the Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate to help reduce fine lines and signs of ageing, perfect for my 31-year-old skin. Again this product felt so light on my skin and soaked in quickly. After the serum, Hannah used Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate on my skin. I’ve been wanting to try this since it was released as I love the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. And it didn’t disappoint, I would never have thought that an oil would be good for daytime, but it soaked into the skin quickly without leaving any oily residue behind. My face didn’t feel oily at all.

Good Skincare is All About Light Layers of Quality Products

After the serum and oil, it was time for a light layer of moisturiser. Hannah used my favourite moisturiser Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream which I’ve been using for the last year. One thing I did notice is that Hannah used a lot less moisturiser than I do, she explained that it is better to use lots of light layers rather than overload one product. This will also save money in the long run as all your products will last longer. I’ve been trying out this method since the event and do think lighter layers is making a difference with my skin feeling more hydrated.


We then spoke about the importance of SPF and making sure we wear it every day, even here is Scotland. Hannah empathised that Kiehl’s think this is the most important step in protecting our skin against ageing. I have to admit I don’t use SPF every day and tend to only put it on when it’s sunny out. One of the reasons is they can feel really heavy on the skin and can be quite oily. Hannah used Kiehl’s BB cream on me as the final step in my routine and I honestly couldn’t believe it had SPF 50 in it, as it was such a lightweight cream.

It’s not often you get to spend an event being pampered and come away with glowing radiant skin. However, I now have a massive Kiehl’s wishlist thanks to experiencing all their great products. I really want to pick up the Mask, Serum and Daily Reviving Concentrate next.



3 responses to “Kiehls on Wheels”

  1. Ruth MacGilp says:

    Interesting that they test your skin type, how do they do this?

    • admin says:

      They had some fancy gadget which measured the moisture in your skin and used swabs to test the oil levels – think they do it for you in store if you have a consultation

  2. Sounds like a fab day! I love Kiehl's too, not tried the Cactus mist so keen to use as I'm a real fan of facial spritzes. Fab post
    Heidi x

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