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August 31, 2016

20160824_19484028129When Jamie’s Italian invited me to their Edinburgh restaurant to try out the Evening Favourites menu, it seemed like the ideal chance to have an impromptu date night. I’ve never tried Jamie’s Italian before and having heard mixed reviews on it was keen to try it myself. The restaurant has a prime location within the Assembly rooms on George Street in Edinburgh. George Street is considered one of the streets in Edinburgh with designer shops, boutique hotels and an abundance of bars and restaurants. Which means Jamie’s Italian has a lot of competition right on its doorstep. So I was excited to see how Jamie’s Italian would stand out from the crowd.

Jamie’s Italian is located in the old supper rooms of the Assembly room and has maintained the original elegant decor (along with the chandeliers) you can imagine the glamorous ladies of old George wining and dining in here. The problem is walking into the elegant room sets you up for a high dining experience and unfortunately, that’s not what you get with Jamie’s Italian. Being a chain the food is pretty simple and straightforward which in my opinion doesn’t match the location. Both of us felt that if it had been in a modern shopping centre we would have felt differently about the food. It’s such a shame as I think the room deserves more and a high-end restaurant would be perfect in the location.

But a restaurant isn’t all about the location, the food is pretty important too. And I will say that although it certainly isn’t the best meal I’ve ever eaten in Edinburgh the food was okay and the Evening Favourites menu is good value with 3 courses for only £18.95.


For starters, I went for the Truffle Tagliatelle which was lovely, you could clearly taste the truffle in it and pasta was perfectly cooked. However, I did find the sauce a little too watery for my taste. The husband went for the Cured Meat Plank, which came presented on a pair of tomato tins. There was a good choice of Italian meats and the perfect amount for a starter. This was my husband’s favourite course of the night. For mains, I played it safe with the burger, which was massive but tasty. I was a little disappoint that it didn’t come with chips and I had to order these separately. In my opinion, burgers should always be served with fries. My husband went for the Spicy Sausage Casarecce, which he wasn’t too impressed with, like my Truffle Tagliatelle the sauce was too watery. For dessert, I went with the white chocolate cheesecake which was lovely but the slice they gave me was far too big so I couldn’t finish it. The husband went for the Molton Chocolate Praline Pudding which was a bit like a chocolate brownie rather than a pudding but still tasty.

I think Jamie’s Italian is fine for a quick meal in the city, but it lacks that something extra which would make it a restaurant for a special meal out. I think it would be ideal for lunch when you’re out shopping, the Super Lunch menu looks pretty good.

Have you ever been to a Jamie’s Italian? What did you think of it?

* I was invited to Jamie’s Italian to try out the Evening Favourites menu free of charge. All thoughts and opinions in this post are my own. I apologise for the poor photos, I was using my phone and the lighting was terrible.

One response to “Jamie’s Italian”

  1. Caroline says:

    I have yet to visit jamie's. It's been on my list for some time, but our closest is an hour away and it's quite a distance for a date night and someone driving and not really somewhere I wish to take the three-nager during the day.. I'm sure we'll get there one day though. 🙂
    The cured meat starter sounds lovely and that burger looks amazing!


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