Introducing The Soap Co

August 23, 2016
The Soap Co

One of the things I’ve noticed since I’ve become more interested in ethical and sustainable brands is that these great brands all have a story to tell. You go on their websites or social media and can learn their history, why they started and their ethics and morals. You just don’t get that kind of information from high street brands. These stories definitely¬†influence my choice of brands and help to create a connection between myself as a consumer and the people who make the products I use.

One such brand is The Soap Co, normally I wouldn’t show much interest in where my soap comes from and who makes it (I normally pick up whatever is on offer in Tesco that day) but this brand has such an inspirational story you can’t help but want to purchase from them. They have a simple belief that their products should not only be great products but should also do good. They employ people who are blind or otherwise disabled or disadvantaged, including 2 guide dogs giving them valuable jobs and training. As a social enterprise, the companies profits go back into the company creating more jobs and opportunities.

The Soap Co doesn’t just care about its employees and creating jobs, they also strive to create an environmentally¬†friendly product. Working towards a circular production line, the product and its packaging is designed to have minimal environmental impact. The range of products is made right here in the UK with natural extracts, added vitamins and are colour and paraben free. With 2 dogs on site, you can be sure they care about animals and never test any of the products on animals.
Ethical Soap
However, while a good story may make me want to purchase a product a brand needs to create a great product to get me to repurchase and recommend them. I was lucky enough to receive a selection of The Soap Co’s range* to try out for myself to see if the product matches up to the story.
First up I want to talk about how much I love the packaging. A lot of brands tend to go for very similar bottle styles which replicate existing luxury products (*cough, cough* Molton Brown). I like that The Soap Co has gone down a different route with their simple monochrome design. I think these would look great beside any sink. I also love the way they have incorporated braille into the labels to reflect the work they do with the blind community.
Before I speak about the soap itself I feel the need to say I have no idea how you review soap. Maybe I’m too simple but if soap washes my hands then I’m happy with it, which probably makes me the worst person to ask to review your soap. Anyway yes, the soap did wash my hands! All of the soaps had a really pleasant smell which was strong enough for you to enjoy while using but didn’t linger too long interfering with your perfume or making your hands smell of soap all day. Because it is a higher quality product it is definitely lasting longer than most of my soap purchases so I can imagine this will be taking pride of place in my bathroom for a while. The scent I’m currently using is white tea and I have a bottle of citrus ready to go. Both are lovely scents but my favourite of The Soap Co fragrances is the Black Poppy & Wild Fig which I have the hand lotion in. The hand lotion is a little too thick and heavy for me to use throughout the day, however, I have been using this a night and it leaves my hands feeling so soft in the morning.
Luxury Ethical Soap
If I have convinced you to try out The Soap Co make sure you check out their website and read all about their ethics. I recommend getting a couple of their gifts sets for emergency gifts as you really can’t go wrong with luxury hand care, can you?

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  1. I love finding out that a company has a good ethos behind their products! It sounds like they do some really amazing work, and I really like the minimalistic design too. The citrus hand wash sounds fab!

    Steph –

  2. I recently tried Soap Co's products and adore their ethos, as well as their poppy soap bar. I didn't hear that they had two dogs on site – that's really cute!

    Besma | Curiously Conscious

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