Introducing Mamahuhu

March 27, 2017

Mamahuhu high quality handcrafted ethical footwearGood quality stylish ethically made footwear can be hard to find. Finding decent footwear is one of the areas I’ve struggled with when it comes to ethical fashion. Often finding myself having to turn back to the high street to purchase shoes. However, there are some great ethical footwear brands out there. Mamahuhu is most definitely one of them. Mamahuhu sells a range of stylish and practical shoes all handcrafted by artisans with Colombian leather.

Mamahuhu high quality handcrafted ethical footwearWhat makes Mamahuhu Different?

Around 30 years ago, Colombia was the main leather producer in the world. However as more brands starting using cheap imports from Asia the leather industry started to decline. Leaving many leather experts, artisans were left without a job. These master artisans who used to make delicate leather goods had to work as cobblers again, fixing soles, making laces, or selling shoe cleaning product around poor areas in Colombia.

Mamahuhu wanted to find a way to give these master artisans the opportunity to go back to their roots and start making quality leather shoes again. Instead of employing the artisans, Mamahuhu supports them to set up their own workshops as independent businesses. With regular orders these workshops are able to hire staff, creating sustainable and well-paid jobs. Mamahuhu has created 11 workshops in Colombia, which have in turn created 112 jobs, and the network is continuously growing.

Mamahuhu ensures that none of these workshops uses child labour and encourages them to hire as many women as possible. They also encourage flexible working hours, supporting women to work alongside raising children. They also pay around 50% more ensuring all staff are well paid.

Mamahuhu high quality handcrafted ethical footwear

Mamahuhu high quality handcrafted ethical footwear

Mamahuhu high quality handcrafted ethical footwearMy Mamahuhus

I was lucky enough to be sent a pair of Mamahuhu boots to try for myself. As soon as I got them out the box I could tell the time and effort that went into creating them. Every aspect of the boot is well made and I’m sure these will last for years to come. I went for the Colorine boot which is perfect for dog walks in the countryside. They are made of high-quality suede and have a good sturdy sole. These boots are perfect for this time of year when my cosy winter boots are too much but it’s still very much boot weather. But these aren’t just outdoor boots for walking the dog. They will look just as good for a trip into town.

Mamahuhu high quality handcrafted ethical footwearHere I’ve teamed them with a really simple outfit of jeans, stripe top and my trusty Barbour jacket for walking the dog. But I think these would look really cute with a sundress as the weather starts to warm up.

If you are thinking of ordering a pair of Mamahuhu’s for yourself, you need to make sure you get your measurements right. Mamahuhu shoes have slightly different measurements from most high street brands. They have a helpful guide to measuring your feet on their website. It did feel a little weird measuring my foot but worth it for a good fit. For reference, I wear a UK size 4 shoe and I am a Mamahuhu size 37.

Mamahuhu high quality handcrafted ethical footwear

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Boots – Mamahuhu (exact)

Jeans – Fat Face (exact)

Jumper – Whistles (similar)

Jacket – Barbour (similar)

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Mamahuhu. As usual, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. What a beautiful shoes!! Love them 🙂 I totally understand your struggles btw, I get my shoes mostly secondhand from high street brands.

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