Inside my Wardrobe: Leather Trousers

February 24, 2016
My leather look trousers are one of the least worn pieces in my winter capsule wardrobe. I love the look of them, but do find them difficult to wear. I don’t feel comfortable wearing leather trousers to work, I do work for a children’s charity after all. This leaves them for weekend or evening wear. As I’ve said I really like the look of them and the way they add a little edge to an outfit, but I just don’t reach for them as often as my black jeans. The jeans are way more comfortable and go with everything. I also wear them to work, which means I already have them on if we decide to go out to eat in the evening.
Being faux leather these make a funny noise when I walk (does anyone else notice that when they wear faux leather), although I know I’m probably the only one who hears it, it doesn’t make me want to wear them. I was a little hesitant about adding these to my winter capsule wardrobe for this reason, but decided to persevere and see if I would wear them more. As it turns out, I’ve only worn them once and that was to take the pictures for this post. The annoying thing is looking at the pictures I start questioning why I don’t wear them more often as they look great with the suede boots. This is the problem with taking pictures of your outfits, some things look great in photos but just don’t work in real life.
Not really sure why I’m sharing photos of trousers I don’t wear. I guess the point is to say it’s OK to make mistakes with your capsule wardrobe and we all own something we don’t wear as much as we should. When planning this post, I was debating on whether or not I should try to style them a couple of ways to give you (and myself) inspiration on how to wear leather trousers. Thinking this might make me reach for them more over the next month until this current capsule ends. But in the end, I decided, to be honest, and say I just don’t wear them enough and should not have included them in my capsule wardrobe. I can definitely say that these will not be featuring in my spring capsule wardrobe, although I don’t think they would be even if I did wear them more – who want to wear leather trousers in spring.
This then leads to my next mini debate do I just take them out of my wardrobe now or should I leave them as they are to see if I do magically start wearing them. On one hand, there isn’t any point in something taking up space if it’s not getting used, but on the other hand is removing one of my limited options a good idea. I don’t know yet, to be honest with you. There doesn’t seem to be much point in swapping the leather trousers for another piece from storage as I don’t feel my current capsule is missing anything. I’ve been happy with my capsule when I’ve not been wearing the trousers so clearly, they don’t need replacing with anything. The only issue is that they are taking up space in the wardrobe when I could sell them or donate to someone who would actually wear them. This does seem like the most sensible option and I just have one less piece in my capsule wardrobe until spring.
What do you think should I keep them and try to find new ways to style them or should I just cut my loses and get rid of them?



My Outfit
Grey Chunky Knit – ASOS (exact and it’s on sale)
Leather Look Trousers – River Island (exact)
Over the Knee Boots – Ted & Muffy (exact and on sale)

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  1. No way Jen, you look fab in them. I have a couple of faux leather pairs, one better than the other & one, yes rather noisy & irritating. I do think they look fab so keep hold of them, there might come a time you will kick yourself for throwing them out!
    Heidi x

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