How A Capsule Wardrobe Changed My Life

October 27, 2016

how a capsule wardrobe will change your lifeIn September 2015 I was frustrated with my out of control spending habits, overflowing wardrobe and undefined personal style. One evening I sat down and watched The True Cost and that film completely changed my outlook on my wardrobe. After seeing the impact my shopping habits were having on vulnerable people and the environment I knew I had to make a change. This is when I decided to create my first capsule wardrobe and majorly purge my wardrobe. I needed something to focus on to finally put an end to my unhealthy shopping habit. I knew I couldn’t just say I wasn’t buying new clothes I needed a clear focus and rules to stop shopping for fast fashion. That decision turned out to be pretty life changing, not only did I finally end my relationship with fast fashion but my capsule wardrobe introduced me to ethical and sustainable fashion and minimalism. It also changed the direction of this blog, I no longer talk about sales and hauls but instead focus on empowering others who want to minimise their wardrobes and live a simpler life. I now a reformed shopaholic turned aspiring minimalist all because of one film. Who would have thought an evening in front of the telly could have such an impact on my life.

Creating a capsule wardrobe and embracing slow fashion, it about so much more than the clothes in your closet it changes your outlook on life. Clearing out my closet might well have been one of the best decisions I ever made. It has led to so many opportunities and introduced me to some of the most inspirational people I’ve ever met. I feel more confident in myself and have a clear focus not only on my blog but for my life now. For me, it has been an empowering and life changing experience and it can for you as well. Here are 5 ways I think a capsule wardrobe can change your life, as it did mine.

How a capsule wardrobe changed my lifeDefining Personal Style

Before clearing out my closet and creating my first capsule wardrobe I was a total fast fashion addict buying into trends and different styles every season. There was no intention to my style so I ended up wearing clothes I wasn’t 100% comfortable in or buying something because it was on trend or I’d seen it on one of my favourite bloggers. Shopping like that is a waste of time, energy and money. Personal style is about so much more than trends. Living with a small wardrobe really helps you to focus on developing your own personal style. You start to make more conscious decisions about what works for you and your lifestyle rather than what’s in fashion. A capsule wardrobe isn’t about fashion, it’s about defining a personal style which works for you.

Save Money

I couldn’t believe how much money I saved during my first capsule wardrobe. Those little shopping trips and online orders of £30/40 at a time soon add up. I think I was spending around £200 a month on clothes before my capsule wardrobe. That’s not a sustainable amount for anyone. Once I stopped shopping I really noticed a difference in my bank account and the credit card bill is way less scary. That money was better spent on experiences with my husband or doing up the house. Even when I do allow myself to shop all my purchases are well thought out and considered, so although the individual pieces may cost more it works out less overall. These new pieces should last for years to come which will save even more money as a slowly create a quality wardrobe.

Save Time

The most obvious way a capsule wardrobe helps to save time is first thing in the morning. With fewer clothes deciding what to wear becomes an easy decision. No more standing in front of the wardrobe thinking you have nothing to wear. Capsule wardrobes also help to create more free time for you to enjoy doing what you love. Since your no longer shopping, you will no longer want to waste your weekends at the shops. If you tend to spend a lot of time browsing online stores, having a capsule wardrobe will mean you no longer visit those sites, freeing up your lunch hour and helping you get stuff done.

Introduces Minimalism

Your journey towards a more minimal lifestyle starts in the wardrobe. Once you have reduced the number of clothes in your wardrobe you will find yourself wanting to get rid of clutter across the home. You’ll start focusing on only having things which add value or spark joy to your life. For me starting to think about minimalism and reducing clutter came naturally after seeing the benefits of a minimal wardrobe and wanting that in every aspect of  my life. Creating a capsule wardrobe has introduced me to the idea of simplifying my life and embracing slow living.

Introduces Ethical and Sustainable Fashion

One of the most ethical things you can do is make sure you use everything you own. A capsule wardrobe encourages you to wear and enjoy all of your clothes making it a very ethical and sustainable choice. You start to think more about where your clothes come from and who made them, leading to more responsible decisions when shopping for new clothes. My capsule wardrobe introduced me to the world of ethical fashion and ethical blogging. This blog has won ethical blog awards as a result of my capsule wardrobe so who knows what yours could lead too.

Creating a capsule wardrobe and having a curated minimal closet changed my life for the better. It sparked an interest in minimalism and ethical and sustainable fashion as well as making getting dressed a little easier. Click through to read how a capsule wardrobe could change your life and learn about the life changing magic of a minimal wardrobe
Think capsule wardrobes are only about having less clothes? Think Again! Creating a capsule wardrobe will change your life in many ways. Click through to find out more about the life changing magic of a capsule wardrobe


7 responses to “How A Capsule Wardrobe Changed My Life”

  1. I have started to realise lately that although I have been almost exclusively from charity shops I really need to define my personal style. I am really drawn in to bargains. If there are a rail of dresses for £5 I cant resist … on the one hand I feel good that the money goes to charity but on the other hand my exploding wardrobe is telling a different story. Im going to be taking my own blog in a more conscious spending way and really think about gaps in my wardrobe before I purchase anything!

    Thankyou for inpsiring me to do this

    Charlotte |

  2. Gayle Smith says:

    Hey Jen This is a brilliant post and totally inspiring in so many ways. As a so-called nature blogger I try to do fashion in my own unique way as I’m sure you will know if you’ve seen any of my outfit of the day posts.

    As a poet and political activist it is I think fair to say that I have to attend sometimes host events and this does place a great deal of self imposed pressure on me to look the best I can.

    Since developing a capsule wardrobe it has helped significantly with this issue though I think I’ll have to give it an update soon. I don’t over shop but I do have a tendency to splurge on the odd occasion

    When I buy clothes I tend to go for hard wearing pieces which can be dressed up or down to reflect where I’m going at the time. Like you I love my fashion but I also realise that sometimes you need to practical and do your bit for the sustainability of our shared environment.

    Thanks for writing a post from which I learned a lot.

    Best Wishes
    Gayle X

    • Jen says:

      Thanks for such a lovely reflective comment. It’s great to hear that your capsule wardrobe has had a positive effect on you.
      Jen x

  3. lovely post!. This is a cool idea im applying too!.

  4. I think that having a capsule collection is like doing a fashion detox diet!. That when you finish, only give you benefits, happiness and another way of living for sure!.

    I saw the The True Cost documentary too and made a post in my blog about that. Its such a shock and open mind doc.

    Nice post and i believe in this way of dress too.

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