My Home Office Makeover

December 19, 2016

Stack of pretty notebooks on desk in home office

My home office setup has had a bit of makeover recently. Although it’s still a work in progress I thought I’d share what I’ve done so far with you. As I’ve gotten more serious about my blog I’ve realised the importance of having a separate space to work. I spend most of my week working on this site so need a professional working environment.

Up until recently, I was working on a small desk (well more of a dressing table) in the corner of a spare bedroom. This was fine when I was working from a laptop only a couple of hours a week. However, since changing from a laptop to an all-in-one PC I’ve needed more desk space. I had nowhere to put my notebooks and was having to move my keyboard to write my notes. I’m someone who is always scribbling away in my notebooks so this was becoming a hassle. And more importantly, I felt I was sitting too close to the screen. After a day of working my eyes were very sore and dry, something had to change.

After lots of discussions and measuring we (me & the husband) decided that the best solution was to set up a stand-alone home office in the smallest room in the house. This is the room I normally take my outfit pictures in and was using as a mini home studio. Moving my desk setup into here meant I could a have a room dedicated to blogging. It also means I can still work when we have guests over. Although it does mean I’ll have to find somewhere else to take my outfit photos. But there is plenty of space in the house for that.

White furniture in the home officeThe Furniture

Once it was decided that I would be getting my very own home office the fun could really begin. I knew I wanted a large desk so that was the first thing on the list. We had a small budget for this home office makeover so popped along to IKEA. I ended up picking the Linnmon desktop with the Finnvard legs. The legs have a really cool tilt feature if you want to use it as a drawing desk. The desk is a really good size and has plenty of space to work on, which is exactly what I wanted.

I already had an office chair so decided just to keep it. I know a lot of bloggers have pretty white chairs to go with their desks. But I wanted an office chair with a bit more support as I spend a lot of time working at the computer. I recently read this ebook by Furniture@Work on the importance of a good office chair. I don’t think having a pretty chair is worth the back pain that comes with sitting incorrectly all day. It also feels a little bit more professional having a proper chair at your desk.

The Storage

Studio Lights and Tripod being stored in home officeNext, I knew I would be needed some storage for my stationery and other blogging bits and pieces. I looked into office filing cabinets but as I don’t keep much paperwork decided that drawers would be better for me. Again we went with IKEA choosing the bloggers favourite Alex drawers, which have plenty of space for all my bits and bobs. As well as the desk and drawers I also keep my photography equipment in the room. My studio lights and tripod take up a bit of space but as they’re on the other side of the room, it doesn’t really bother me. It’s a bit of a faff taking them down after every use so I find it easier to leave them up. I also have my foam board and flooring sample which I use as Instagram backgrounds.

The Details

Cup of tea and The White Company CandleI like a minimalist style with clear surfaces and very little clutter. I’m not one of those people with lots of bits and pieces on my desk, I like to keep it clear. This does mean there isn’t really that much to show you. I do keep a couple of notebooks sitting out as I always like to have them to hand and I always have a cup of tea on my desk when I’m working. Recently I’ve been burning a candle whilst working to create a cosy atmosphere. My current favourite is the Winter candle from The White Company. Along with my desk lamp that’s all I have sitting out on my desk (other than my mouse and keyboard).

Over on top of my drawers, I keep my lightbox which I use to write little messages to myself (it’s also great for Instagram). My husband also uses it to write me little notes (there not as sweet as you think). I’ve also added a couple of cactus for a little greenery. Although I think I’d like to add a plant to my desk, once I stop killing every plant I get (surely I’ll find my green fingers one day). I have a large blank space on the wall above my computer which I’m still trying to work out what to do with. I’m torn between finding a couple of motivational prints to hang or creating a mesh notice board. I’m currently leaning towards the prints as I think the computer would block a notice board. Let me know what you think.

The Office Dog

Dog spending time in the home officeOf course, no office is complete with an office dog. My dog likes to keep me company whilst I’m working so he has a blanket in the home office. Although most of the time he lies everywhere except on his blanket.


4 responses to “My Home Office Makeover”

  1. Cat says:

    That’s my kind of space! I have never found my green fingers I appear to be able to kill even the easiest to care for plant ?. I’d definitely go with the prints, notice boards always look so cluttered to me. Fab space though. Love your dog. x

    • Jen says:

      I’m leaning towards the prints too. Glad to hear I’m not the only plant killer out there just can’t keep them alive no matter how hard I try. x

  2. Caroline says:

    Aw I love this. I’d love to have a room or even an office in general for blogging.. However need need a spare room.. which I’m slowly turning into our room for a move round when our toddler gets older..
    But I’m hoping to be able to log in it at some point.. I currently blog in the living room.. from my


    • Jen says:

      I do have the advantage of no children in the house, which makes finding space easier. Things will have to change if we ever start a family but right now I’m making the most of having extra space. Nothing wrong with blogging from your knees!!

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