A Conscious Holiday Lookbook

November 23, 2017

Conscious Lookbook

A couple of weeks ago I jumped on the train down to London to shoot a holiday lookbook with some of the UK’s top ethical fashion bloggers. We wanted to showcase some of the UK’s ethical and sustainable brands by creating some seasonal outfits. Everyone styled a cosy winter daytime look and a festive party-appropriate look. Not only did I get to spend the day trying on beautiful clothes I had the best time meeting a group of truly inspirational women. We spent the day chatting all things ethical and sustainable living and laughing pretty much non-stop.

Whilst this is a festive lookbook none of the outfits are too festive which means you can still wear everything well into the new year. These cosy knits will keep you cosy right until spring and for many more winters to come. And all the party outfits can be worn year round. Afterall a sustainable purchase is one you will wear again and again.

The Outfits

[left]Conscious festive lookbook[/left]

[right]Cosy outfit ideas[/right]

cosy and conscious outfits for winter

From left to right: Jella, Kate, Francesca, Karen, Nataly, Katie, Me, Holly

Outfit One – Cosy Daytime

Me – Trousers – P.i.C, Jumper – Ally Bee, Shoes – Po-Zu, Hat – Ally Bee, Bag – One Nine Eight Five
Kate – Shoes – Po-Zu, Skirt – P.i.C, Jumper – Ally Bee, Bag – The Future Kept, Hat – Second Hand
Holly – Shoes – Po-Zu, Jeans – Second Hand, Jumper – Ally Bee, Scarf – Celtic & Co, Coat – Celtic & Co 
Karen – Jumper – Ally Bee, Trousers – Thought, Scarf – Ethical Collection, Shoes Bourgeois Boheme, Bag – Ethical Collection
Francesca – Skirt – Thought, Cardigan – Celtic & Co, Hat – Thought, Scarf – Ally Bee, Shoes – Po-Zu
Nataly – Cardigan – Flock By Nature, Scarf – Thread Tales Co, Beanie – Celtic & Co, Shoes – Po-Zu, Bag – Ethical Collection, Denim – Second Hand
Jella – Top – Ally Bee, Scarf – Thought, Trouser – Ethical Collection, Shoes – Po-Zu

Cosy winter outfit ideas

From left to right: Nataly, Holly, Me, Jella


[left]Cosy and warm outfits for winter[/left]

[right]festive outfit ideas[/right]


Outfit Two – Festive Evening Look

UK Ethical Bloggers

From left to right: Jella, Kate, Nataly, Francesca, Karen, Katie, Holly

Me – Skirt – Gung Ho Design, Top – P.i.C, Boots – Bourgeois Boheme
Kate – Jumpsuit – Ethical Collection, Shoes – own
Holly – Shoes – Po-Zu, Jeans – Vintage, Jumper – Ally Bee, Scarf – A Peace Treaty, Clutch – One Nine Eight Five
Karen – Coat – Celtic & Co, Jumpsuit – P.i.C, Top – P.i.C, Bag – One Nine Eight Five, Shoes – own
Francesca – Skirt – Gung Ho Design, Coatigan – Celtic & Co, Top – P.i.C, Shoes – Second Hand
Nataly – Dress – Thought, Coat – Celtic & Co, Shoes – Bourgeois Boheme, Bag – One Nine Eight Five
Jella – Top – Gung Ho Design, Skirt – P.i.C, Tights – Thought, Shoes – Own

[left]Festive Evening Outfit[/left]

[right]Festive Evening Look[/right]

About The Brands Involved

Ally Bee

Ally Bee creates her knits with a clear cradle-to-cradle story in mind. She produces each collection with a set of environmental standards that go beyond mere compliance and constantly questioning the status quo for ethical and sustainable production. Ally Bee seeks out natural fibres and produces ethically from farmer to shop floor, choosing high-quality fibre cashmere, alpaca and wool yarns produced to high standards of land management while protecting animal welfare. Her creations are intended to be a keepsake, created to live well beyond a season, and if cared for properly, beyond a single lifetime.

Bourgeois Boheme

Amongst the originators of UK based Ethical and Sustainable fashion, Bourgeois Boheme has set its foundations to be more than just another vegan shoe brand. BB’s founder, Alicia, is an ex-podiatrist and has used her foot care experience to enhance the quality, finish and design of her shoes, creating stylish and comfortable footwear that transcends beyond trends and seasons. Her entire collection is Vegan Society trademarked and PETA approved, created using eco-friendly and vegan materials, and ethically, setting a clear and conscious example for the industry.


[left]Festive Lookbook[/left]

[right]Conscious Bloggers In London[/right]

Thought Clothing

Thought clothing, as the name suggests, is a collection of thoughtfully made items which are both ethical and sustainable, for women and men. They use naturally grown bamboo, cotton, wool, tencel, modal and hemp, all free of harmful pesticides and chemicals and sourced responsibly. Their designs borrow from nature, and in turn somehow feel effortless to wear, and diverse enough to transcend the seasons.

Gung Ho Design

Founded in 2016, Gung Ho Design combines a whimsical aesthetic with designs that are versatile, high quality, and filled with deeper meaning and purpose. Each print is designed by hand by founder Sophie Dunster; created to be both beautiful and to connect people with environmental issues through the designs themselves, and with each purchase, Gung Ho donates to a corresponding charity working with this cause. Each piece is made from organic cotton which is hand printed in the UK using responsible dyes, whilst the final collection is handmade in London. The garments are wrap designs, meaning that only two sizes need to be made, XS/S and M/L. Not only does this mean the clothes can fit any body type, and adjust alongside our bodies as we change through the years, but it also reduces waste caused by creating garments in many size variations.

Ethical Collection

Ethical Collection is a London based eco-luxury boutique, bringing together the finest, most unique sustainable products from artisans around the globe in one curated conscious collection. Their collection focuses on exceptional quality, diversity and vibrancy whilst always keeping people and the planet at the forefront of how they operate. Each piece they sell comes with both style and a story; encouraging mindfulness and connection with not only the products we buy but with who made them and how.

One Nine Eight Five

Established in 2016 by textile designer Eleanor Nadimi, One Nine Eight Five is a British homeware brand that specialises in print and interior textiles. Support British manufacturing, craftsmanship and sustainable processes are at the heart of One Nine Eight Five. Using ethically sourced materials wherever possible they support and celebrate the talent of British craftspeople and UK manufacturing. Every piece is designed and made in the UK by people who take great pride in their work creating high-quality and unique products.

Cosy, Conscious winter outfits

From left to right: Jella, Francesca, Holly, Katie (in front), Karen, Me, Nataly, Kate

Thread Tales Co.

Thread Tales Co. is an eco-friendly luxury brand that creates beautiful iconic products made from materials with soul and sustainability, honouring traditional and cultural manufacturing techniques. The brand works with skilled artisans in Myanmar and Nepal to create hand-made scarves from natural fibres using eco-friendly dyes. Lotus, the brand’s signature fabric, is an exceptionally rare, luxurious, breathable, and warm fabric that has water-resistant properties. Thread Tales Co. supports artisan skills and empowers weavers, allowing them good working conditions, and the ability to work from home whilst supporting their families. Their elegant and timeless designs are a wardrobe staple for anyone who wants’s a scarf they can cherish for years.

Flock By Nature

Flock By Nature is an ethical luxury knitwear brand with a focus on comfort and elegant silhouettes. They love working with natural fibres and are strong believers in their contribution to well-being and comfort. They also believe that natural fibres provide a certain quality and longevity that synthetic fibres do not. This brand works with the highest quality of Italian and British Merino wool and produces their garments in small quantities in both Italy and the UK, where labour rights are strong and enforced. 10% of the profit on each sale goes to the Flock Fund, a fund that donates to the following charities: Useen, Trees for Cities, and Lend with Care. Flock By Nature knits are designed for years of enjoyment with the hope that costumers wear their piece over and over again. To ensure that they offer a complimentary repair service for any minor damage that may befall the garment.

15% DISCOUNT CODE: flockonholiday (runs until 17th December)

P.i.C Style

P.i.C Style, short for Partners in Crime, was born out of the obsession to “do fashion the right way.” Founded by two friends, Rhoda and Sara, the concept is simple: 8 items = 50+ outfits, the perfect capsule wardrobe. Each item is cleverly designed to be multifunctional. A jumpsuit turns into a pair of culottes and a top can be worn forwards or backwards. They’ve kept their supply chain small and all fabrics are organic and sourced locally.


Po-Zu has made it their mission to challenge the trend of cheap, mass-produced footwear by creating ethically made shoes using sustainable materials including GOTS certified organic cotton, British wool, coir, natural latex and pinatex. Each pair contains their unique natural foot mattress which gently adapts to fit your feet perfectly.

All of their shoes are made in a small factory in the historic town of Guimaraes in Portugal, employing 70 locals who are not only paid a fair wage but work in a safe, toxin-free environment free from harmful glues and solvents. Fabric off-cuts, waste and water are nearly all recycled too! As part of their ethical promise, Po-Zu pledge 10% of their net profit to three environmental charities: Pesticide Action Network, Environmental Justice Foundation and The Resurgence Trust and proudly carries the Butterfly Mark for their commitment to renewable sources of energy, protecting the environment, recycling and manufacturing locally.

For their latest collaboration collection, Po-Zu have designed a range of boots and sneakers inspired by the lead characters from Star Wars™ (under license with Lucasfilm/Disney). Love them, you will feel the force of shoes with a good soul.

Celtic & Co

Founded 26 years ago by husband and wife team Nick and Kath Whitworth, Celtic & Co is best known for their 100% premium quality British sheepskin footwear, made by hand in their own purpose-built factory in Cornwall by skilled craftspeople. Unlike other sheepskin boots which are designed to be thrown away, Celtic & Co offer a resole and repair service so you can keep your tootsies cosy for years to come without adding to the landfill.

Using hides that would otherwise go to waste, Celtic & Co invest time in creating quality yet affordable pieces that are designed to last and buck the current, destructive trend of disposable fashion. Every Celtic & Co piece is made from carefully chosen, ethically sourced, natural and organic materials, the majority of which is produced in the UK.

10% Discount and Free Delivery using code SUSTAINABLE10 (valid until 21st December)

I’ll be back tomorrow with the Conscious Gift Guide we put together. In the meantime make sure you check out (and follow) all their lovely blogs.

Kate – Eco-Boost

Holly – Leotie Lovely

Nataly – Literally Nataly

Francesca – Ethical Unicorn

Karen – N4mummy

Jella – Jella Jornales

Katie – Saiint Sisters

Photo credit – Shane Woodward

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by multiple brands all hand-picked by the bloggers involved for their ethics and sustainability. As usual, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Festive holiday outfit ideas showcasing amazing conscious brands. Shop locally, ethically, sustainably and thoughtfully this holiday season

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    This is such a great idea! And the photos and outfits are really cute. My only problem is I don’t know which person is which so it makes it quite hard to find the right items without clicking through everything. Love the concept though!

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