Happy Anniversary

August 26, 2016

Tomorrow is my 6th wedding anniversary, which is the candy (or iron and yes I did have to google that) anniversary. So it seemed like the perfect excuse to pull out the wedding photos and share them with you. I’m not going to do the super sappy anniversary post where I tell you how I’m married to the man of my dreams because I’m not a touchy feeling romantic person (and I don’t want anyone to be sick).


Anniversaries like birthdays (read my thoughts on turning thirty) are a time to reflect on your experiences and the milestones in your life. I don’t think milestones get any bigger than getting married (other than becoming parents) so this day 6 years ago marked a pretty big change in my life, although it certainly didn’t feel like it at the time. I remember going back to work after the wedding and everyone asking how it felt to be a Mrs and I didn’t know how to answer. On the one hand, everything had changed (including my name) and on the other nothing had changed. We still lived in the same house, still had the same jobs and the same friends, other than some fancy wedding gifts nothing was that different.

There is something about going from a girlfriend to a wife which is pretty special.

I can’t quite put my finger on what it is which makes being a wife special. It’s not the security, it’s not the fancy new name, it’s not the diamonds, it’s not the big party, it’s not the joint account, it’s not love (we wouldn’t have got married if that wasn’t there) but there is something about being a Mrs which is so much better than being a girlfriend.


Although I do find it hard to believe I’ve been a Mrs for 6 years (I can’t be that old). What worries me more is I’ve been with my husband for 11 years now, pretty much all of my adult life (not sure you can count anything under 20 as adult life as I certainly didn’t act like an adult). Things have certainly changed during the course of our marriage. Between us, we’ve had a total of 8 jobs, 5 cars, 3 houses and 1 dog in the last 6 years. They say moving home and starting a new job are 2 of the most stressful experiences, so if our marriage can survive 2 house moves and 8 new jobs it must be pretty strong. You never realise it at the time, but looking back over the last 6 years we’ve been through a lot, we’ve grown up a lot and achieved goals neither of us thought possible while walking down the aisle.


Guess being married this long makes me really good at long term relationships. So as a self-proclaimed relationship expert what advice do I have? Don’t listen to anyone who tells you marriage is hard work. Yes, it isn’t always easy, nothing worth having ever is but it shouldn’t ever feel like hard work. There will be days you can’t stand the sight of your husband, but these will be outnumbered by the days he makes you smile. When you’re married to your best friend it won’t ever feel like hard work. Or you could do what I do and get him to work offshore.


Before I get too sappy and romantic I’m off to eat all my anniversary candy.

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  1. Iga Berry says:

    Congratulations! You looked so happy and radiant! I wish you all the best! Next 60 happy years as Mrs. Iga x http://www.igaberry.com

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