Getting Rid of Old Clothes

November 6, 2015

One of the main things that became clear during my big wardrobe purge is that I had so many clothes I didn’t want or need anymore (shamefully some of them had never been worn). One of the hardest parts of a wardrobe clear-out is having to deal with the aftermath. The yes pile is obviously the easiest to deal with as that goes straight back into your wardrobe, the seasonal pile is then stored away until the next season (I plan to cover how I store my out of season clothes in a separate post). But what about the maybe and no piles? For the maybe pile, I suggest putting everything into a plastic box and storing out of the way (in the attic or garage) for around 3 months. Set a reminder on your phone to go back through the box – chances are if you haven’t felt the need to get anything out after 3 months it’s OK to get rid of everything. Then there’s the no pile, which if you’re anything like me is left until last (and normally the next day or even the following weekend). Then comes the challenge of getting rid of your old clothes.

What should you do with the clothes you no longer want?
I suggest approaching this pile in the same way you did your wardrobe – going through it one piece at a time and separating into 3 clear piles

Sell: This pile is for good quality items which you think will sell easily. I tend to put these clothes on Ebay or Depop. Make sure you only sell clothes which are good quality and likely to sell in this pile. Anything from Topshop or Zara tends to do well on Ebay.

Donate: This pile is for clothes which are in good condition but you don’t think will sell well on Ebay. If you don’t want the hassle of selling items, then everything in good condition should go in this pile. Once you have sorted through everything it’s time to donate to your favourite charity – bag everything up and pop it into your local shop. Some charities will collect your donations for you so its worth giving them a call, especially if you have a lot to donate. It’s also worth looking out for collection bags being put through the door. Although I don’t recommend holding onto clothes until a bag comes through, it’s best to get rid of them as soon as possible (so you don’t have bags of old clothes cluttering up your home)

Recycle: This pile is for the clothes which are way past their best and can no longer be worn. Whatever you do please don’t throw any old clothes in the bin. Most fabrics can be recycled so look for recycling banks (most supermarkets have clothes recycling banks). The Love Your Clothes site can help you find local textile banks. It’s also worth thinking about whether or not you can reuse your old clothes around the house (for example old t-shirts make great dusters).



5 responses to “Getting Rid of Old Clothes”

  1. R Hodkinson says:

    Recently my dad and his girlfriend moved in together, so we all took the opportunity to throw out some old clothes and we sent so much to charity! I think it's so much better than just throwing loads of clothes in the bin!

    • admin says:

      It's so nice when you have the chance to really go through everything isn't it! Definitely a lot better to donate to charity than throw clothes in the bin. Never understood why people just chuck good clothes in the rubbish

  2. Nicole Marie says:

    These are such good tips, I have so many clothes that I don't wear definitely need to donate some I think!!!

  3. Paul says:

    It’s really good that you mention textile banks, the work that companies such as LMB is really important for the environment and for less privileged people.

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