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October 12, 2016

Cornelia James Imogen Gloves as worn by Kate Middleton

Being on the petite side I’ve always struggled to find gloves which fit, this is great during a Scottish winter. I’ve always opted for fingerless gloves or hand warmers rather than proper gloves because the fingers would always be far too long. This meant I pretty much always have cold fingers and combined with my poor circulation sometimes blue fingers. I’d pretty much given up on ever having warm fingers until Cornelia James got in touch. Cornelia James have been making luxury gloves since 1946 and are the official glovemaker of the royal family. Whenever you see the queen or Kate Middleton wearing gloves they’re by Cornelia James. With a history and reputation like that, I knew they made quality gloves, but would they fit my tiny hands.

After a look on their website, I discovered that they sold gloves by size unlike on the high street where it’s normally one size fits all. But how on earth do you do what glove size you are? Cornelia James gloves come in sizes 6.5, 7, 7.5 and 8 but if you’ve never brought gloves this way those sizes don’t make any sense. Luckily Cornelia James have a short glove fitting guide on their website, but here is my quick glove fitting guide for you.

After measuring my hands I was pleasantly surprised to find I was a size 7 (not the smallest size) so would be able to fit most of Cornelia Jame’s styles. I was sent the Imogen style in navy, which isn’t a style I would normally go for. However, after trying them on, I really like the more ladylike style. They make you feel so elegant, but aren’t so fancy you feel uncomfortable wearing them to the shops. The gloves are wrist length with a cute little bow detail. They fit in perfectly with my autumn capsule wardrobe colour scheme and the navy is a great neutral. They are lightweight and surprisingly¬†warm perfect if you don’t want bulky gloves. What makes them so warm is that they are made from merino wool which is knitted into a jersey fabric. This means they aren’t itchy like some woollen gloves and the merino wool will keep your hands warm without any bulk. Perfect for day to day wear. I can’t wait to get more wear out of them as the weather gets colder. It’s going to be a nice change having warm hands this winter. No more blue fingers! And if merino wool isn’t cosy enough for you Cornelia James also have a great range of cashmere and leather gloves. I’ve got my eye on a pair of the leather gloves for when the winter really sets in.

Stylish, Quality gloves from Cornelia James

One thing that really stands out about these gloves is the quality of them (and as you know I love good quality pieces). Cornelia James are all about timeless style over fast fashion, which is definitely an ethos I can get behind. Gloves are one of those pieces you never really think about, but a good pair of gloves makes such a difference. Trust me as someone who went years without wearing gloves that you will appreciate a good pair. Yes, these gloves will set you back a little more than what’s available on the high street. But you are paying for a quality product made right here in Britain with a history and reputation behind it. Given the quality there gloves will last for years to come, well beyond 30 wears. Making them an ideal addition to your sustainable wardrobe.

Stylish and warm gloves from Cornelia James


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