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January 13, 2017

Collie dog out on his daily walk in the counrtysideHi everyone, I’m Charlie and I’m taking over mummy’s blog again today to tell you all about my favourite time of day. You may remember my post in September all about the jobs I do around the house. If you haven’t read it yet, you really should because it tells you all about how awesome I am. You can find it here. Now you know all about me and what a good dog I am let’s talk about my favourite time of day: WALK TIME!!!! Walk time is my favourite. Although dinner is also my favourite. So is sleeping and playtime. In fact, everything is my favourite.

Two of mummy’s goals for this year are to get healthier and slow down and take more time off. Mummy is very lucky as I’m really good at both those things. Slow living is my thing I would never let work get in the way of a nap. After all my naps I love nothing more than going outside to run around. So I’m going to be mummy’s new life coach to help her reach her goals. I’m making mummy stop working every afternoon to take me out on a walk. This helps her reach both her goals and also happens to be one of my favourite things.

Dog looking on ahead on his daily walkWe have been going on lots of adventures together. I like it when we go out in the car to the woods or country park. But most days we go for a walk along the old railway line near our house. It’s nice up there. We meet lots of other dogs. I don’t really like other dogs but I love their owners. Did you know people take biscuits on walks and sometimes they share them with me. But don’t tell mummy as she doesn’t like me having lots of biscuits.

I like this walk because you are out in the countryside and have lots of pretty views. Some days you can see right across to the Pentland hills (I’ve been on lots of walks there too). There aren’t any cars allowed on the railway line so I can run about and mummy doesn’t have to worry about cars. Although sometimes we meet horses who are like big dogs but not as fun. Mummy makes me go on the lead when we see a horse coming. I don’t like this because I want to run but I’m very good on the lead and walk nicely beside mummy.  I have a really cool rope lead but there are loads of other styles of dog leads, I used to have a chain lead which was also cool.

Dog walking on leadMy favourite thing about the walk is when we get the railway line to ourselves and I can run about off lead. Mummy says I can be trusted off lead because I have a really good recall. This means I always come back to mummy when she tells me too. I love it when we take a ball with us. Although mummy never throws it as far as daddy it’s still great fun. I play this game where I pretend to put the ball down for mummy and then as she bends down to pick it up, I grab it. It’s really funny!

Dog sitting with ball in his mouthAfter our walk, we head back home to our warm and cosy house. Some days mummy dries me with my towel. I like this because it’s like a big tickle. Then I get a dentastix and a drink before another nap. Mummy then goes back to finish her work. I’m trying to convince her to join me on the sofa for a post walk nap. It’s way better than going on that silly computer.

I’m off for another nap now so bye. Mummy will be back blogging next week. Remember to keep telling her how much you love me and she might let me back on the blog.


*Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Dog Lead Shop. As usual, all thoughts and opinions are my own (and Charlie’s).

6 responses to “My Favourite Time of Day”

  1. Lucy Cole says:

    Aw, so cute!! I love dog walks too. xx

    Lucy x |

  2. Judy says:

    Dear Charlie, this is Rose, writing to tell you I got a new human for Christmas! My mom likes walks as much as you and I do, so we are good there. She and my new dad live out in the country, so we get to hike all over every day, at least twice. But we do not see any other dogs, which makes me sad. I am trying to convince her to drive to the city where they have special parks for us, but she says it is so far. BUT this weekend, my cousins are coming to visit! The 3 of us will have a grand time playing and tromping in the woods. Please tell your mum that my mom reads me your stories, and I would like to read many more. You are quite the handsome chap!

    • Jen says:

      Hi Rose, WOW congrats on getting a new human for Christmas you must love them so much for choosing you to live with them. Hope you had lots of fun playing with your cousins at the weekend. Thanks for commenting on my post and telling mummy you want more

  3. Charrli says:

    Love these posts! So do my dogs, Connar, James,and Kelsey! 😀

  4. Heidi B says:

    Hi Charlie, I’m Flynns mum, and he said if he could write a post it would have said just about the same things! He loves his walks & hates me on my silly computer. He’s like you in the fact he’s not interested in other dogs, except the ladies sometimes..but enjoys his tennis ball, napping on the sofa and his jumbone treats.
    Your mum is fab, oh..and you’re gorgeous. I miss my mums collie as you guys have so much energy. Tell her, I’m trying to get fit too but hate this time of year, purely as I get more pain. You & your mum have made me smile, such a great post!
    Heidi x

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