Creating a bar!

February 1, 2015

Wooden Bar

Our new house has a separate dining room which is something we’ve never had before. While it’s great having the extra room finding furniture has been a little difficult. We already had a table but the room seemed to be missing something. First we thought getting a sideboard was the way to go, however after looking around we found them either a bit old fashioned or way too expensive. Our long term plan for this room is to knock through to the kitchen creating a large kitchen/dining room rather than two separate rooms which is why we were so reluctant to spend a lot of money.
After spending way too much time on Pinterest I became slightly obsessed with bar carts. Unfortunately getting hold of one is easier said than done. I saw a cute DIY bar cart using an Ikea kitchen trolley so off I went to Ikea hoping to recreate it. However, I spotted this unit in Ikea and decided it would make the perfect bar. While in Ikea I also picked up the tray, ice bucket and wine rack to accessorise my new bar. Most of the glasses were wedding gifts (from John Lewis I think). I’m really happy with how it turned out, the unit is actually real oak and feels pretty sturdy (it also smells really nice – is that a bit weird?). It is a perfect addition to the room, it fills the empty space and serves a purpose at the same time. I’m thinking of getting a large plant to sit next to it and maybe keep an eye out for some more accessories. If anyone’s wondering we inherited the mirror from the last owners (for some reason they stuck it to the wall so we can’t take it down with taking plaster with it).

Storage for bottles and glasses


Bar Cart Surface






I still like the idea of a trolley and think it would come in so handy when entertaining (especially outdoors in summer). Will definitely be keeping an eye on Gumtree for one. In the meantime here are some for inspiration.


How do you store you drink? Do you have a bar cart?

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  1. Ellie Adams says:

    Ooh I love this post hun, so different but such a great idea. And now I have to dedicate the next hour to stalk through Pinterest 😉


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