Cosy Minimalist Home Inspiration

May 31, 2017

Ideas for a cosy scandi living roomAs a few of you will know I’m currently in the process of renovating the entire (except the toilet) downstairs of my home. It’s a big job which is going to take a few weeks to finish. So I’ll apologise in advance for all my upcoming interiors chat.

The major project is the kitchen which is getting completely redone. Like all projects, the kitchen started with us just changing the floor and putting in a new worktop. However, after looking at the kitchen we decided that a new worktop would probably just highlight that the doors are past their best. So obviously this led us down the replace the whole kitchen route. Which somehow turned into let’s knock down a wall and create an open plan kitchen dining room. We spoke about removing the wall between the kitchen and dining room when we first moved in but our budget at the time wouldn’t allow it. We’ve decided to go for it now since we may as well get all the work we want to do over and done with. This does mean there will be a slight delay in getting the kitchen redone. As it’s a supporting wall we need to apply for a building warrant and get professionals in to take it down. So whilst we leave the professionals to it I’m turning my attention to the rest of the house.

The whole of the downstairs is getting new flooring which in my opinion can’t come soon enough. We’ve picked out our new flooring which will be delivered this week and my husband is in charge of laying all the floors. I’m so excited that I’m finally getting rid of the carpets. I’ve put up with the current cream carpets for two years and I absolutely hate them. Cream carpets and black long haired dogs just don’t work together. I find myself fighting a losing battle against the dog hair. My poor vacuum never gets a rest. It’s not just the dog hair these carpets attract its stains too. Any little spill seems to stain these carpets. There are so many marks and stains on the carpet I’ve lost count. At the weekend we were finally able to pull up the carpets when getting the rooms ready for the new flooring. While it wasn’t as much fun as I thought pulling up those carpets was very satisfying.

Whilst hubby is in charge of laying the flooring I’m responsible for painting all the rooms. Oddly enough it’s the only DIY my husband hates so luckily I don’t mind a bit of painting. Although I may also hate it after painting half a house over the next couple of weeks. This does mean that along with the cream carpets I’ll finally get rid of the last of the awful magnolia paint we inherited when we bought the house.

Scandi interior ideasAfter a bit of toing and froing, I finally decided on white paint in all the rooms. The flooring we picked out is a grey toned wood which I think will really pop with light walls. I was a little hesitant about painting everything white as I don’t want the rooms to look boring. No point in going from one boring colour to another. However, this post from Me and Ora and pretty much every room on Pinterest convinced me white was the way to go.

I love Scandinavian interiors with their crisp lines and minimalist aesthetic. I want to combine this with cosy rustic elements to create a warm welcoming home. We have quite a big living room so I don’t want it to look too minimalist. While I do like the minimalist aesthetic I do find it can look a little bland in homes. I want my home to be a welcoming space which I’m comfortable living in. This means a place where it’s OK to put your coffee cup on the table or leave a book sitting out. Whilst I don’t want clutter at the same time I don’t want everything to be bare. I’m thinking a way around the too minimal look is through lots of texture and cosy elements. I also love the look of rustic wood so will be keeping an eye out for wooden items to purchase. I’m still at the ideas stage with this part of the design so very open to suggestions. We’re a long way off any finishing touches so I’ll keep browsing Pinterest in the meantime.

2 responses to “Cosy Minimalist Home Inspiration”

  1. Heidi B says:

    It’s all sounding really nice, I love the minimalist and authentic look. Sadly we rent, I hate it as you just can’t do anything. We’re hoping to maybe buy one day soon, if we can get deposit. If we do, I can’t wait to make a home my own! Love what you have done so far from stories..good luck with the rest of it lovely!
    H x

  2. Mary says:

    Would love to know what eco-friendly flooring you went for.

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