Confessions of an Outfit Repeater

August 2, 2016

Hi, my name’s Jen and I’m an outfit repeater. But you already knew that. I’ve spoken about why I think it’s OK to be an outfit repeater in the past. And if you have a capsule/minimal wardrobe like I do then outfit repeating is perfectly normal.


I don’t think there is anything wrong with outfit repeating, after all, we should be wearing and enjoying all our clothes as many times as possible. If you have decided to join the 30 wears challenge then you are committing to wearing the same item at least 30 times, that is bound to create a few repeat outfits. Outfit repeating is just part of owning clothes and having a normal sized wardrobe. I’m sure we all repeat out favourite outfits again and again, and why shouldn’t we.

If you like an outfit you and it makes you feel good you should wear it again and again

I am a self-confessed outfit repeater and will happily wear the same thing again and again. In fact, I have been known to repeat the same outfit in one week because why not. But for some reason, I’m way more comfortable repeating everyday outfits than special occasion outfits. I think there is something about a big event which makes you feel you need to wear something new or different. It could be because growing up I would always get a new outfit for a special event and this didn’t change until recently. I would buy a new dress (and sometimes shoes and bag) for every wedding I was invited too. And trust me by my late twenties this habit had cost me a small fortune. It also left me with lots of pretty (and expensive) dresses which I wouldn’t wear again.

OOTD featuring Reiss Dress

When I started my capsule wardrobe I created a special occasion wardrobe, of a few smarter dresses which I could wear to any big events I was invited too. This was supposed to make dressing for events so much easier as I already had suitable dresses and shoes in my wardrobe so therefore wouldn’t have that last minute panic about what to wear and end up in town buying a new dress. At the weekend we were invited to a family wedding so I pulled out my special occasion wardrobe to pick out a dress to wear. However, this brought up that age old dilemma of repeating an outfit to a special event which I had worn before (and already featured on the blog). I will admit I did hesitate slightly about wearing pretty much the exact same outfit to 2 weddings in a row. I have no idea why I hesitated as one was a friends wedding and the other a family wedding meaning the wouldn’t be any of the same guests and I know even if they were no one would remember my outfit. I can’t remember what people wore to the wedding at the weekend, never mind one last year.


For some reason, it has been programmed into us (especially women) that we should be wearing something different (and preferably brand new) to every event we attend. But we are not celebrities, with brands gifting us outfits whenever we will be photographed. Most of us don’t have the money to buy a new outfit for every event and that’s OK, we should be wearing what we already own. We should be proud to tell out friends and family that we’ve had our dress for years and wear it to as many events as possible. Just because you’re going to a special event it doesn’t mean that you can’t repeat an outfit. The same with your everyday outfits if you like your outfit then you should feel free to wear it to as many events as you want.



Outfit Repeater

Onto the outfit itself, my dress is from Reiss (bought in the sale last year) and the shoes are from Office (I bought these to go with my bridesmaid dress at my sister’s wedding last year). I added a bright coral clutch bag from Whistles for a pop of colour. You can see how I styled it for our friend’s wedding last year here.

Wedding Guest OOTD

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  1. Totally with you on the outfit repeats.. but it is something ive had to overcome. For me it was daily outfit posts that were making me buy more and more, I had to take a real step back and think about why I as actually doing it.. all for 'likes' possibly? Even with my capsule I try to create as many different outfits as possible, but in reality I love to repeat the same tried and tested formulas( normally jeans and a Breton!) So I'm still working through this and becoming more comfortable with it. Occasion dressing is something I would totally outfit repeat as I hate not getting my wears worth out of a potentially expensive dress. But I know so many friends who have bought so many different dresses to wear to weddings etc.. sad thing is they're worn once and then never see the light of day again. Society/social media reprogramming is needed I reckon 🙂 xxx

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