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The three Rs of dealing with unwanted Christmas gifts to avoid them cluttering up your home

How To Deal With Unwanted Gifts

Whether it’s an ugly Christmas jumper or bath products in a scent you hate, we all receive unwanted gifts at some point. With Christmas round the corner, a few of you may find yourself with gifts you really don’t want and will never use. I don’t like stuff cluttering up my home and unwanted gifts just […] Read more…

6 simple steps to a mindful Christmas

6 Simple Steps To A Mindful Christmas

Christmas is a magical time of year, but it can also be one of the most stressful. With all the presents to buy, family visiting, feasts to cook and events to plan. It can be hard to switch off and enjoy the festive season. Practising mindfulness can be a great way to reduce stress and […] Read more…

How to have a more sustainable Christmas without any big changes

30 Tips For A More Sustainable Christmas

This Christmas more than ever I’m thinking about how I can make things a little more sustainable. I used to think it would be difficult to have a green and eco-friendly Christmas and make the day less enjoyable. But it turns out you can still enjoy Christmas as usual whilst being sustainable. So here are my […] Read more…

Wrapping the Christmas presents

Preparing for Christmas

I love this time of year and preparing for Christmas. I used to work with children (a long time ago) and this time of year was always so exciting. Yes, I was that playworker who got the kids all excited and then handed them over to their parents (sorry about that). Back then the whole […] Read more…

Discussing the importance of giving something back at Christmas time

Giving Back This Christmas

Christmas isn’t only about receiving expensive gifts and enjoying tasty food. It’s important to consider giving a little something to those less fortunate than ourselves. This time of year is extra tough for families living in poverty. With the cold weather comes the extra cost of heating (anyone who’s ever had a pre-paid meter will […] Read more…

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