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Gift Guide ; Thoughtful, ethical and sustainable gift guide

Thoughtful Gift Guide

Forget about the Black Friday madness and choose to slow down and make more conscious purchases this weekend. We are bombarded with messages encouraging us to buy more and more every day and this seems to get worse in the run-up to Christmas. But just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean that we can’t still buy with […] Read more…

Guide to shopping independently at online retailers this Christmas

Shop Independent This Christmas

Thinking of doing your shopping at small independent business this Christmas but don’t know where to start? I think we all know that Christmas is an important time of year for small independent businesses and your trade makes a huge difference to the families they support. Unlike shopping at large chains when you shop small […] Read more…

Purchases from IKEA live lagom shop designed to create a more sustainable home

6 Months of Living Lagom

Some of you may remember back in January I introduced you to the word Lagom. If you don’t remember please read this post to find out what it’s all about. I wanted 2017 to be about finding a balance in life. From my capsule wardrobe to my makeup bag to my kitchen and everything in […] Read more…

Meal Planning Tips to help you save money and reduce food waste

Meal Planning Tips

You may remember back in January I wrote about the changes I was making as part of the IKEA Live LAGOM project. One of those changes was to start meal planning every week. The main aim of this was to reduce food waste and to save money on my grocery shopping. Out of all the small […] Read more…

Discovering The Art of Slow Living

This year I’ve been making a real effort to slow down and enjoy the little things in life. Whether that’s taking 5 minutes to sit quietly and enjoy my morning coffee or taking time away from my desk to enjoy a walk in the countryside. I’m focusing on allowing myself to enjoy the moment and […] Read more…

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