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Blue cross body bag

Where to Shop: Ethical Handbags

This is the first post in a new series on where to shop for ethical fashion. The aim is to cover as many different types of clothing and accessories separately before pulling it all together into a complete ethical shopping guide. Today I thought I’d start with where to buy your ethical handbag. I know […] Read more…

Tartan Brunette on her love of wool and why you should buy wool

Why Wool?

Autumn is well and truly here, the nights are drawing in, the leaves are changing colour and there’s a chill in the air. To me this means one thing, it’s time to snuggle up in cosy knitwear. Whether it’s a big scarf, cosy jumper or wrapping up in a massive blanket I love knitwear this […] Read more…

ASOS Eco Edit Picks

Knowing where to shop is half the battle when it comes to ethical and sustainable fashion. There are so many great ethical brands out there, but finding them can be tricky and sometimes you don’t want to hand your credit card info over to and unknown website. This is where everyone’s favourite ASOS comes in […] Read more…

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