Capsule Wardrobes

Advice and tips on creating and living with a capsule wardrobe

How to Never Regret a Purchase

We’ve all been there, getting back from the shops with your new clothes and instantly regretting your purchases. You may have clothes in your wardrobe with the tags still on because you don’t know how to wear them or don’t really want them but feel guilty about throwing them away. First of all, you need to remove those […] Read more…

Confessions of an Outfit Repeater

Hi, my name’s Jen and I’m an outfit repeater. But you already knew that. I’ve spoken about why I think it’s OK to be an outfit repeater in the past. And if you have a capsule/minimal wardrobe like I do then outfit repeating is perfectly normal. I don’t think there is anything wrong with outfit […] Read more…

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