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Sustainability on the high street with FatFace

Sustainability on The High Street with FatFace

I’m definitely of the every little helps frame of mind when it comes to sustainability. Making small steps towards sustainability is far more positive than the all or nothing approach. Which can be off-putting and isn’t easy. Which is why I love seeing high street brands making small changes towards becoming more ethical and sustainable […] Read more…

FREE Capsule Wardrobe Planner

How to Use Your Capsule Wardrobe Planner

If you are subscribed to my newsletter you will have received your FREE capsule wardrobe planner this morning. If not sign up here to get yours. (Make sure to check your promotions tab and spam) Today’s post is a quick step by step guide to using your Capsule Wardrobe Planner. Finding Your Why The first step […] Read more…

Inspiration for my autumn capsule wardrobe

Autumn Wardrobe Inspiration

Whilst I normally wait until the end of September before switching over to my autumn capsule wardrobe I do love taking my time to find inspiration. And I’m feeling very inspired for autumn right now. Despite the fact that the sun is currently shining through my window I’m deep in the world of fall fashion […] Read more…

Pushing my style boundaries

Pushing Style Boundaries

Capsule wardrobes are all about finding your personal style and sticking to it. However, sometimes we all need to push our style boundaries and step out of our style comfort zone. After all, that’s how we grow and develop our style. So how do you push your style boundaries when you have a capsule wardrobe? […] Read more…

3 Sustainable Fashion Podcasts you need to hear

3 Sustainable Fashion Podcasts You Need to Hear

Podcasts have become my new favourite thing (late to the party I know). I’ve listened to them on and off for a while now but recently I’ve found myself choosing a podcast over music. My favourite type of podcast is the more educational ones. Turns out I really enjoy this way of learning. One of […] Read more…


Sustainable Materials: Tencel

For me ethical fashion isn’t just about paying the people you made your clothes fairly (although that is very important) it’s also about caring for the environment. A big part of reducing the environmental impact of your clothes is thinking about what they are made from. I’ve found myself looking for natural materials for my clothing […] Read more…

Wearing Recycled tyres

Wearing Old Tyres

Recycling tyres isn’t anything new to me. Before blogging and my current career in higher education, I used to be an outdoor play specialist. This involved running outdoor play sessions and supporting schools and nurseries to develop their outdoor play provision. One of the things I always suggested was to introduce loose parts play. Loose […] Read more…

Outfit of the day from vacation to Cape Verde

Cape Verde Style Diary

In case you hadn’t already heard. I’ve just come back from a week of sun, sea and cocktails in Cape Verde. To be perfectly honest with you, we didn’t do much on our trip. It was more a case of fully embracing slow living and relaxing by the pool. After starting full-time work again, alongside running […] Read more…

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