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Coffee morning catch up

Coffee Morning Catch Up

Happy first of the month everyone! Would it be a total cliche for me to say I can’t believe it’s March already? Suppose it’s too late now. Instead of the usual post, I wanted to sit down and have a catch-up today. So grab a coffee (or tea or whatever else you drink) and let’s […] Read more…

The difficulties with trying to grow a following on Instagram

My Love/Hate Relationship With Instagram

This blog post wasn’t supposed to be. Instead, you should be reading about shopping for quality clothes, but I’ve pushed that back because I want to talk. I’m currently in a dramatic on again/off again relationship with Instagram. I love the platform and enjoy creating content to share on it but boy oh boy does […] Read more…

Using Pinterest to Grow Your Blog Part Three: Understanding Analytics

Using Pinterest To Grow Your Blog Part Three

Understanding Analytics As promised in last week’s using Pinterest to grow your blog post I’m going to talk about using analytics today. Before we get started analytics can be a bit dull and boring but being able to analyse them is so useful if you want to grow your blog. So, bear with me today […] Read more…

Romantic date ideas for anyone on a budget

Low-Cost Valentine’s Date Ideas

I have a confession to make, unlike every other blogger out there I’m not a massive fan of valentine’s day. I just don’t get the appeal of it. Maybe it’s because I’m an old married woman who’s forgotten what romance is or because I’ve never been into lovey-dovey romance. Whatever the reason valentines just isn’t […] Read more…

Using Pinterest to grow your blog and drive loads of traffic to your website

Using Pinterest To Grow Your Blog Part Two

Driving Traffic To Your Blog On Monday I spoke about how you can create a killer Pinterest profile which will attract your ideal audience. Today for part two of Using Pinterest to grow your blog I’m going to talk about how you can use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog. Before you can start […] Read more…

Using Pinterest to Grow Your Blog Part One Creating a Killer profile which attracts your ideal audience, makes them follow and turns them into fans

Using Pinterest To Grow Your Blog Part One

Creating a Killer Pinterest Profile Back in December, I shared the ways I grew my blog in 2016. In this post, I mentioned how I used to Pinterest to grow traffic to my blog. Many of you asked for a separate post on how to use Pinterest to grow your blog so here it is. […] Read more…

Adding candles to make a minimal environment feel cosy

Cosy Minimalism: Minimalism Meets Hygge

Do you ever come across a term and instantly think that’s me? That’s how I felt when I came across the concept of cosy minimalism on one of my regular Pinterest scrolls. Before I even clicked through to read more I was like yeah cosy minimalism sounds like my kind of thing. As you know […] Read more…

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