Capsule Wardrobe Update

November 20, 2015


Capsule Wardrobe Update

I’ve been living with my Capsule Wardrobe Challenge for over a month now and thought it was about time I gave you an update on how things are going. I’m going to start by saying that this challenge has been a lot easier than I thought it would be. The clothes I chose for my capsule wardrobe are the things I was wearing anyway. However, that doesn’t mean it’s been a super easy experience. I’m starting to get the urge to shop now; having not brought anything new for my capsule wardrobe I’m craving some new clothes. So far I’ve resisted the urge to shop and have focused on finding new ways to wear my current clothes and planning my next capsule. Surprisingly I haven’t missed any of my other clothes which are stored away in the spare room. When I planned my capsule I purposely decided to leave my out of season clothes close at hand just in case I decided to swap anything, which I haven’t felt the need to so far and don’t think I will.
My Most Worn Items
I’ve found living with fewer clothes, has helped me identify what clothes I really wear. I know I tend to wear jeans and a jumper most days (yes I know it’s super boring, but that’s what I wear). My work is really casual (pretty sure I could show up in my PJs and no one would care) so I don’t need any smarter clothes for work. I do however attend quite a few blogger events so need more smart/casual outfits for them. So what have been my 5 most worn items so far?
Zara lightweight cream jumper (similar). I picked this jumper up last year and have worn it so much since then. Since it’s been so mild recently (although that has changed this week) I’ve been wearing this a lot as it’s a really good transitional piece. As it’s a neutral colour I can wear it with everything. I’ve been adding different scarves over it to avoid looking the same every day.
Topshop Heeled Ankle boots (similar). Although I said my work is super casual I like to wear a small heel to dress up my outfits. These boots are so comfy and go with everything. They add just a little height and can dress up most outfits.
Topshop Grey Jumper (similar). Another lightweight jumper. Like the cream jumper this has been really useful for those milder days were you need a jumper but not a super cosy one. Like the cream jumper I’ve been teaming this with different scarves to change the look.
Oasis Black Jeans (exact). Black jeans go with everything and I think they look slightly smarter than blue jeans. I’ve seemed to reach for my black jeans most days.
Jack Wills Flannel shirt (similar). This one has surprised me, as I didn’t think I would wear this that much, but I’ve found myself reaching for it fairly regularly. It’s really useful for dressing down skirts (as seen in my3 ways to wear a leather skirt) and looks good with jeans on the weekend.
What I’m Not Wearing
I had a quick look through my wardrobe the other night and found even though I have far less than before I’m still not wearing everything. So does that mean I’ve too many clothes or I’ve not chosen the right clothes? I’m inclined to say I’ve not chosen the right clothes. I chose quite a few button down shirts and smarter t-shirts which I have hardly worn (in fact a couple haven’t be worn at all). At first, I thought this was because I didn’t have a cardigan, but after a bit more reflection I just don’t think they work for my style/lifestyle. I’ve also found I have too many shoes (yes I really did say that). I have worn most of the boots but with the current weather haven’t worn any of the flats and don’t think I will. Living in Scotland, ballet flats should be reserved for the summer. I also don’t think I need 9 pairs of shoes and think I could live quite happily with around 6 so I will be reducing the shoes in my next capsule. Another thing I’ve not worn much is my dresses, I have 4 dresses in my wardrobe, but haven’t worn them anywhere near as much as I thought I would. Again I thought this was down to the lack of a cardigan but think it’s because I prefer to be more casual during the day. I will keep dresses in my next capsule but maybe only 2/3 which can be dressed up or down.
Forward Planning
Part of the challenge is evaluating exactly what you tend to wear and what you need. Over the past few weeks, I’ve come to really understand what I actually wear as opposed to what I think I wear. If you had asked me before what I wear, I would have said dresses, jeans with smart tops. I now understand that I wear casual clothes most of the time so my next capsule wardrobe will focus on knits and trousers, rather than so many smarter tops and dresses. I’m glad I decided not to make any purchases before starting my capsule as working with what I already had, has been a useful challenge. I now know where the gaps in my wardrobe are and can plan for my next capsule wardrobe.

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