Cape Verde Style Diary

July 26, 2017

Outfit of the day from vacation to Cape Verde

In case you hadn’t already heard. I’ve just come back from a week of sun, sea and cocktails in Cape Verde. To be perfectly honest with you, we didn’t do much on our trip. It was more a case of fully embracing slow living and relaxing by the pool. After starting full-time work again, alongside running this site and planning a rebrand I needed a week to switch off and do nothing. So that is exactly what I did. Filling my days lying beside the pool with a book in hand. If only life at home was that relaxing.

Fishing boats out at sea

Since we didn’t really do anything other than a trip to the local town – Santa Maria this isn’t a travel post. I don’t have any tips or must do experience if you are planning a trip. From our experience, there really isn’t much to do in Cape Verde. The island we stayed on, Sol is mostly covered in sand blown over from the Sahari. However, if you want to relax by the pool or on the beach in 30+ degree heat then it’s the perfect spot.

Fishing boat on the sandWhat I Wore

So instead of talking about my trip in detail, I wanted to share some of the outfits I wore. As I already said my days were spent by the pool in bikinis and flip flops. I’m not sharing pictures of my day time looks because I’m not feeling body confident enough for my bikini clad body going on the internet. But as we were in an all inclusive resort (spot the wristband in my pics) this involved changing every evening to get something to eat. So I am going to sharing my evening looks with you. So before I ramble on too much here’s my Cape Verde style diary.

Outfit from my trip to Cape Verde

[left]Outfit of the day from vacation to Cape Verde[/left]

[right]Outfit of the day from vacation to Cape Verde - vacation style diary[/right]Outfit of the day from vacation to Cape Verde

Outfit of the day from vacation to Cape Verde - vacation style diary

2 responses to “Cape Verde Style Diary”

  1. Leah Wise says:

    I wanted that People Tree jumpsuit so badly, but now it’s out of stock!

  2. Kelly says:

    Super gorgeous! I am sorry you have been burning the candle at both ends….. 🙁 Hope you feel better now!


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