Brunch at All Bar One

April 27, 2016

I was recently invited by All Bar One to pop down to try out their brunch menu. Like everyone else I love a good brunch on the weekend – it really is the ideal meal (read about my brunch at Southpour). So obviously I said yes and the husband and I booked a table for a Saturday brunch. We went to the All-Bar-One in Exchange Plaza, Edinburgh which is a beautiful part of the town with stunning views over the castle.

Unfortunately getting up and out the door at the weekend is always harder than you think it’s going to be so we ended up having to take the car last minute. Word of warning if you’re ever in Edinburgh never park your car in the car park at the Sheraton it’s so expensive (luckily brunch was on the house). Not only did we have to pay an extortionate parking charge, but it also meant only one of us could try a brunch cocktail. Luckily I won that coin toss and was able to have a cheeky Mimosa with my brunch. But anyway enough moaning about the cost of parking and on to the important things, like what we ate.


My husband went for the full Scottish breakfast (as predicted), which I do admit I was also tempted with but as this was a review I ordered something different, in the end, I went for the eggs benedict with a side of avocado.
Both dishes were beautifully presented and came quickly. The eggs benedict was great and the eggs were cooked perfectly. I also have it on good authority the full Scottish was great. The sausages were a pork and haggis mix and they were amazing, although I only got a small bite. Definitely on the hunt for pork and haggis sausages now.




When it comes to deciding where to go for brunch, surroundings are very important and All Bar One in Exchange Plaza is a beautiful setting. I’ve never been to this one before, but I have been in the one on George Street which feels very pubby and not somewhere I would choose to eat. This one had a much more restaurant feel. They had a good mix of decorating styles, it was a bit rustic and sophisticated at the same time. I fell in love with almost every light fitting in there. There was a few folk in having brunch so I didn’t get too many interior photos (wouldn’t want someone taking a photo of me while eating so won’t do it to others) so you’ll just have to pop along to see it for yourself.


The prices were very reasonable and the best thing is because All Bar One is part of a chain there should be one near you wherever you live (not just Edinburgh). To find your local All Bar One and to check out the full brunch menu visit their website. I definitely recommend popping down and treating yourself to brunch this weekend (it is payday after all)


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  1. Louise Brown says:

    I'm heading there this weekend and this post has made me super hungry, the breakfast looks great!

    The Little Things | Louise x

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