Brora Scottish Cashmere

October 7, 2015
Last week I went along to the Brora Cashmere shop on Frederick Street for a bloggers event. Now I’m going to admit I’d never heard of Brora before the invite arrived in my
inbox but after a quick look on their website I was excited to go along and find out more about the shop and their philosophy. I headed along after a long day at work and was greeted at the store by their friendly staff and was handed a much-needed glass of prosecco. Drink in hand I took the opportunity to have a look around the store and chat with my fellow bloggers before the presentation kicked off.


Brora had set up a few of their inspiration boards around the shop. It’s always fascinating to see how people come up with their ideas and where their inspiration comes from. This autumn/winter the collection is based on the idea of an enchanted forest with lots of cosy knits and beautiful liberty print shirts.



Once everyone had a drink and a good look around, we all sat down to watch a short video on the Brora manufacturing process and to listen to Victoria Stapleton (Brora’s founder and creative director) talk about the store’s philosophy. All of Brora’s knitwear is made in Britain (in the same mill as Chanel and Burberry) and they use the highest quality materials to create timeless pieces. Victoria was such an inspiring woman to listen to and she was so enthusiastic about British made products. What makes Brora different from other stores on the high street is that it is 100% privately owned which means they can focus on creating quality products and not high profits for shareholders

Victoria explained to us that Brora has always been an ethical company and has been made in Britain since day one. I love the fact that this is an ethical company which doesn’t need to shout about it, it just carries on doing what it’s always done.
Victoria was also keen to explain that Brora is not a fast fashion retailer like others on the high street, but promotes slow fashion. They produce well made, timeless pieces using quality materials which will last for years. They support the concept of buying less and making sure what you buy is special and adds value to your wardrobe. This does mean that Brora’s prices are a little higher than most stores, however, they aren’t unreasonable either. Considering the quality of the pieces and the fact they will last years I think they are worth the investment.
She also spoke about their new collection, which launches later this month. This collection is inspired by 70’s après-ski style, which lots of bold prints and knit ponchos. Check out the cute bobble hats from the collection. You can find out more about Brora’s philosophy and view the collection on their website here. I recommend visiting a store (if you have one near) to have a good look at the knitwear to feel the quality and softness.



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