10 Ways to Break Out of a Creative Rut

August 23, 2017

How to Break Out of a Creative RutI’m some of you will have noticed I’ve been very quiet on the blogging front the last few weeks. I’ve suffered from the worst case of writer’s block. It is a truly horrible experience not feeling any motivation or inspiration to do what you love. This blog is my creative outlet so not finding the words to say has been tough. Unfortunately finding your voice isn’t always easy, no matter how much you want to create. I feel like I’ve finally broken through my creative rut and wanted to share a few of the techniques I used to help break out of my creative rut. Hopefully, these will help you break out of a creative rut and feel more like yourself again.

How To Break Out of a Creative Rut

Take a Break

Sounds pretty obvious but sometimes you just need to step away from your computer to find your voice again. For me, my creative rut resulted in a two-week break from blogging. But it was something I needed. Writer’s block is a sign that your mind is overwhelmed and needs a break so give it one. Even an hour away from your computer could make a difference.

Get Outside

Another rather obvious option but getting outside in the fresh air really makes a difference. Try going for a walk somewhere you don’t normally go. I found once I step out of my usual routine I started to feel more me again. I tend to walk the dog in the same place every day so jumping in the car and going to a new spot was an ideal escape.

Go Somewhere New

This was a suggested to me by one of my lovely Instagram followers and it was a great idea. Take a drive in the countryside and explore some cute villages, maybe even grab something to drink in the local pub. Visit a musuem or art gallery you haven’t been to before. Or pop into a new coffee shop for a hot drink and a treat.

Watch a Documentary

Whilst I don’t recommend having a Netflix binge spending time watching something which focuses your mind is a great idea. Find something which interests you but is different from what you are trying to do. If you need some ideas on what to watch I have some suggestions in this post. 

Have a Mind Dump

Set yourself a timer for around 5 minutes and grab a blank piece of paper and a pen and just write. It doesn’t matter what you write the idea is just to try and get something down on paper. Hopefully, this will help open up your brain and create a flow of new ideas.
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Go Offline

Whilst the internet is a great source of inspiration it can also add to your creative rut. Sometimes seeing everyone else creating amazing work whilst you are struggling to find any words can be a struggle. Turning off your phone and getting off social media for a day or two can help free up your brain.

Do Your Chores

Step away from your computer and do some house work. Cleaning the bathroom or doing the dishes is a great way to take your mind off everything whilst being productive. You are busy doing something but because you don’t really have to focus on what you’re doing you can take the time to think. And even if you don’t rediscover your creativity at least you’ll have a clean house.

Go For A Drive

This one is similar to doing your chores driving keeps you busy and focused on doing something but you also have some time alone with your thoughts. Pick a quiet road and put on your favourite playlist and enjoy the driving experience. Obviously, you should avoid the motorway at rush hour, stick to the back roads where you can feel alone.

Talk About It

What is it they say a problem shared is a problem halved! Try talking to someone about your creative rut and how it’s making you feel. If you don’t think people you know in real life will understand then go online. I shared my struggle on Instagram and instantly felt better about it. The community could relate to how I was feeling and had some great suggests on how to break out of a creative rut for me.

Go Play

Remember the joy of play from when you were a kid. Well, why not recreate that by playing for a while. Whether that’s playing with your kids (or nieces and nephew) or dog or on your PlayStation it doesn’t matter as long as you stop and have some fun for a while.
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How to break out of a creative rut. End your writers block with these simple tips

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  1. Dee says:

    Great tips! I hate cleaning, but oddly it does inspire and energize me whenever I do get around to it..

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