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March 17, 2017

Analysing the results from my recent blog survey A few weeks ago, I asked you to complete a short blog survey to help me plan out my future posts. I was taken aback by how many of you took the time to fill in my survey. I honestly thought nobody would bother (except maybe my mum). Being the geek that I am I have collated the results together. Since it’s your information and in the interest of transparency I wanted to share the results with you. However, I was a little worried you might find it a bit boring (I get that most people aren’t as interested in analytics and figures as me) so asked on Twitter and the majority of you said yes you wanted to know the results. So here they are.

How Long Have You Been a Reader of Tartan Brunette and How did you first come across the blog?

The first part of the question had results from a few days to over a year with most of you having been readers for a few months. It’s great to see that most of my readers are returning back to the blog and even better that they are sticking around.

The second part asked how you found the blog when again had a range of results. Most readers found my blog via a Google search (on capsule wardrobes) which shows that the hard work I’m putting into SEO is working. The rest come from Twitter, Pinterest, links on other blogs and Instagram.

How are readers finding the blog?Which type of post is your favourite?

This was probably the most useful question as it helps me to plan out my content. The results of this question reflect my analytics which is reassuring. I know my capsule wardrobe hints and tips posts tend to drive the most traffic so expected these to be popular. However, I was a little surprised to see lifestyle posts were so popular so will definitely be trying to create more of these types of posts in the future. It’s also interesting to see that you do like my more chatty discussion type posts as well as my blogging advice. Beauty got no votes which isn’t surprising as I hardly ever do beauty posts and don’t think there will be many going forward.

Readers favourite types of postWhat would you like to see more of on Tartan Brunette?

The answers to this question have been incredibly useful. Getting suggestions direct from my readers helps me to tailor my content to suit you guys.

Ideas included

It was also good to read that so many of you were happy with the current style of content.

How often do you read Tartan Brunette?

This question was a bit of noisy one rather than producing helpful results. But it’s nice to see how often readers stop by to check for new content. Really happy to say that most of you stop by a few times a week. Which means you should be catching every new post as I’m currently posting 3 times a week (Mon, Wed, Fri).

Do you follow Tartan Brunette on Social Media as well as read the blog?

I’m going to put my hands up and say I messed up on this question. I forgot to check the multiple answer option meaning you could only pick one platform. If I had set up the question right it would have given a good insight into my social media following. However, it has shown that most of you do follow me on social media as well with Instagram being the most popular.

Do you have any advice/suggestions to improve Tartan Brunette?

This question along with the final question received the fewest answers. Most of the answers were lovely comments from you guys saying that you are enjoying reading the blog. Some good suggestions such as creating more in-depth content and posting more frequently were also in there.

Do you have any other comments?

This question only received a couple of answers and these were all positive comments. Thank you so much for your kind words it does mean a lot to know you’re enjoying my content.


Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete my survey. It has given me lots of ideas on how to create content tailored to my readers. Hopefully, there will be lots of your favourite type of content coming up over the next few months.



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