Blog Crushing: My Favourite Ethical Fashion Blogs

July 12, 2016
Favourite Ethical Bloggers
I have a confession to make, I spend far too much time reading blogs. You should see how full my Bloglovin feed is. I’ve always loved fashion and beauty blogs, but recently I’ve discovered so many amazing fashion blogs which focus on sustainable and ethical fashion. Which you all know is a topic I’m interested in. So I’d thought I’d share a couple of blogs I’m currently crushing on.
CLOSET CONFESSIONAL. This beautiful blog has a real high-end fashion blog feel but with the sustainable and ethical credentials of a slow fashion blog. Dana is self-confessed slow fashion fanatic and through her amazing styling shows that you can embrace slow fashion while staying stylish. Closet Confessional shows that slow fashion can be fun and is still a way to express yourself but without the closet full of clothes.
INTO MIND. Another beautiful blog, INTO MIND is all about curating the perfect wardrobe. It is full of useful tips, step by step guides and advice for anyone wanting to create a perfect wardrobe which reflects their personal style and lifestyle. Anuschka has a book coming out later this year, which I know I’ll be purchasing.
FASHION me GREEN. This blog is written by Greta, a personal stylist who is seeking to align her sense of style to her ethics. This is another blog which has that fashion blog feel and Greta has an amazing sense of style. She has also written a book on slow fashion. You can buy Greta’s book ‘Wear No Evil: How to Change the World with Your Wardrobe’ here
THE PRIVATE LIFE OF A GIRL. This blog is a relatively new discovery and I’ve been obsessed with Sophie since finding it, I love the minimal imagery and design. The Private Life of a Girl is a minimal lifestyle blog for anyone interested in slow fashion, minimal living, beauty recommendations and self-improvement.
THE CURIOUS BUTTON. This is another new discovery, made through the #ethicalhour chat on Twitter. After chatting with Elena I knew I had to check out her blog and it’s exactly what I thought it would be. The Curious Button is an ethically conscious lifestyle blog, for people who ask about who makes their clothes and beauty products. This is a well-written blog and will definitely give you plenty to think about.
Do you have any recommendations to add to my blog reading list?

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  1. following all of these now! i love into mind <3 <3

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