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May 24, 2017

Styling tux blazer with boyfriend jeans

I’ve had these outfit photos sitting on my computer for ages. I shot these back in April before I started my new job and life got busy. At the weekend I finally had a few hours to get photos edited. I always find taking the photos the easy part. Especially since we (hubby is my photographer) combine our photo shoots with a dog walk. It’s the time it takes to sort through the pictures and edit them which slows the process down. I’m working on this and will hopefully have some sort of routine down soon. Since I am determined to start sharing more outfits with you guys.

But let’s get on with talking about the outfit, shall we?

Styling smart blazer with casual jeans and a tee

Ethical and Sustainable BlazerStyle + Fit Notes

Mixing Smart and Casual: I love the way this outfit mixes smart and casual elements. I’ve always like wearing a smart blazer with jeans especially boyfriend jeans. I think it takes away the formal, corporate vibe of a blazer making it suitable for casual outfits. Whilst still keeping the outfit fairly smart.

Pop of Colour: I throw this red shoes on at the last minute having originally had on trainers. But I think the pop of colour is needed here with the rest of the outfit being so neutral. It also creates more of a spring vibe to the outfit.

Styling: This outfit is essentially just jeans and a tee so needed a bit of styling to stop it from being too simple. The blazer really helps elevate the look and I always push the sleeves up a little. I think this makes it look like you’ve put more thought into styling than just throwing on a blazer. The accessories are very simple just the bright shoes and sunglasses. Which for once were needed!

Outfit of the day featuring a tux blazer and jeans

Wearing a tux blazer and jeans Stand Out Piece

I think the standout piece has to be this tux style blazer from Outsider. As I’ve already said this outfit would be just jeans and a tee without it. It helps elevate the look from something super casual to an outfit which could be worn anywhere. I love the masculine tuxedo styling of the blazer with the flash of white on the lapels. It also has that loose ‘borrowed’ from your boyfriend fit which I love. However, it isn’t so loose fitting that it drowns you.

Not only does this blazer look great it was sustainably made. Outsider is a great ethical and sustainable fashion brand with so many beautiful pieces. They have a huge range of dresses if you’re ever looking for occasion wear. The blazer is made of organic merino wool which has a beautiful delicate sheen and the contrasting collar is made with hemp silk satin. This is such a luxurious piece to wear. And whilst it looks great dressed down like I’ve styled it here, it would look amazing dressed up for a more formal look.

Sustainable blazer from OutsiderShop My Outfit

Blazer – Outsider Fashion (exact responsibly made)

Jeans – Topshop (similar)

T-Shirt – Whistles (similar)

Shoes – Topshop (similar)

Ethical and Sustainable Blazer styled with jeans and a t-shirt

4 responses to “Blazer Styling”

  1. Becky says:

    I’ve just bought a beautiful blazer so it’s really nice to see some styling notes – I’m worried it’s too formal but I’ll just wear some ripped up jeans and style it out! Love your shoes, too!

    Beekeyper – Latest: The Orange Edit

  2. Caroline says:

    Jen, these pictures are fantastic! I especially love the first picture. 🙂
    A blazer is something my wardrobe actually lacks.. however is something I really like styled.
    I love the add of colour with your shoes.:)


  3. Only just seen this post, so lovely, thanks for sharing how you are wearing the blazer.

  4. Heidi B says:

    Love the blazer, so different & thanks for the intro to the brand. Fab! I’m loving the pop of colour red shoes 🙂
    H x

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