Beauty Spring Clean

April 6, 2016

At the weekend I finalised my spring capsule wardrobe and packed up all my winter knits until next year. Planning my spring capsule wardrobe had been taking up quite a bit of mental space over the last couple of weeks and once it was sorted I felt inspired to get busy spring cleaning. With my wardrobe sorted it made sense to work on my beauty products next.


Please tell me I’m not the only one to hoard beauty and skincare products. I have two overflowing baskets in my bathroom filled with beauty goodies. Many of which I never use or only use once in awhile. Like with cleaning out my closet I started by taking everything out of the baskets and putting them on my bed (I place a towel over the sheets just in case of spillage). I then when through everything one product at a time and placed it in one of 3 piles keep, get rid off and maybe. Once I had looked through everything I throw out everything in the get rid of pile, these were the products that I no longer use or haven’t used in over 6 months (because if I haven’t used it in that long I’m not going to). I then put everything in the keep pile back in the bathroom. For the maybe pile I had a another look through everything to make sure nothing was a definite keep or throw away. I then put everything in a box which I will store away for a month. If I don’t reach for any of the products during the month I will get rid of them.

Make Up

I think I’m pretty good at keeping my make up collection to a reasonable number (mostly because I don’t have the space to store a large collection) so this task was less about getting rid of products but tidying up my makeup. Like with the beauty and skincare products, I took all of my makeup out of my dressing table drawers and put everything on the bed. I looked through everything throwing out any products I no longer used. After deciding what I would be keeping I got out my baby wipes and gave the packaging a good clean. Once everything was looking clean and sparkly I put everything away, taking the time to make sure everything was organised and in the right place. I also decided to give my make up brushes a deep clean.


Now for me haircare products are difficult for me, I tend not to use any on a day to day basis. However when I do make an effort with my hair, I like to have a few products available to use. Again I pulled everything out and throw away things I knew I wouldn’t use again. I ended up keeping only a few basic products which has freed up so much space in my ‘hair’ drawer. Another issue with haircare is how to store your tools. Hair brushes, bobbles and bobby pins are easy enough as they don’t take up much space. However I do have a few straighteners, curling tones, rollers and a hairdryer which need a home. They also need to be accessible as I use at least one of them most days. I have a tendency to leave them sitting on my dressing table, but they take up so much space and make the room look a mess (not to mention they aren’t pretty things). But now I’ve managed to clear space in the drawer I can now put them away after use (obviously once cool).

5 responses to “Beauty Spring Clean”

  1. Emily Thorpe says:

    Think this is definitely something I need to be looking into as I do not need eight mascaras – especially when their shelf life is something like three months and I only use two of them! You've also now made me want to clean the packaging…

    Musings & More

  2. Carly Jayne says:

    I'm terrible at make-up content! This is definitely something I need to do also. 🙂
    Tea and Cakes

  3. Tori M says:

    I've been really spring cleaning recently too! I love your idea of making the three piles of products…I'm such a hoarder!
    Tori x |

  4. Simply Rayy says:

    I have just had clear out myself, it's amazing how much stuff you can collect in a short space of time x

    Rachael |

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