Back To School Vibes

August 28, 2017

Back to School Vibes ready for the new season

Last week I spoke about how I’ve been suffering the worst writer’s block over the last few weeks. I’m putting it down to a summer slump. The students at the college I at returned today and I think their back to school vibe has rubbed off on me. There is something about this time of year which always makes me feel refreshed and inspired to go back to work.

After a couple of weeks slump, I’m starting to feel more like myself again and I’m full of ideas and inspiration. I’m going to apologise¬†right now if this post turns into a bit of a ramble. I just wanted to sit down and update you on what’s been happening and a few of my plans for the next few months.


After 7 long weeks fighting with Facebook, they have finally agreed to change my page name to The Sustainable Edit. You won’t believe how relieved I am about this as I was starting to think deleting and starting again was the only way forward. I can now go back to updating the page again. I share all my latest posts as well as other links I think you’ll be interested in there. If you want to follow my page you’ll find it here.


I’ve been thinking about how I want to take my newsletter forward. I don’t feel the current version offers enough value. The newsletter is now going to focus on capsule wardrobe and ethical fashion tips. Every month I’ll be sending you a short guide on how to manage your wardrobe. The newsletter will go out on the first Monday of every month so sign up here to get yours next week. There will also be a bonus capsule wardrobe workbook for you to print out and fill in when building your autumn wardrobe.

Capsule Wardrobe

I’m still very much a capsule wardrobe devotee. Whilst I now have a more relaxed approach to them I still follow the principles of a capsule wardrobe. And like every other blogger out there I’m excited about switching over to my autumn wardrobe. I will be sharing my plans and preparations over the next few weeks. And of course, my autumn capsule wardrobe will be on the blog as soon as I make the switch.


Whilst I may have neglected this blog I’ve been working on my Instagram. I’ve been working on my photography and developing more focus with my feed. I’m happy with the way it’s looking right now. In fact the other week someone described my feed as a walk in the woods which made me really happy. If you want to follow along with my progress and join the ‘woodland walk’ you’ll find me here.

As I’m currently in planning mode I’d love to know what you’d like to see here. So please leave your post suggestions and ideas in the comments. Or if you want to chat feel free to send an email to

Well done if you’ve made it to the end of this post. Normal posting will resume soon.

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