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September 29, 2018

Weekend outfit idea featuring Fat Face Dungarees, wardrobe basic

Something my wardrobe has always lacked is good basics. You know those plain long sleeve tops and t-shirts that are easy to layer. And comfy clothes for the weekends which are nice enough to wear out and about but still casual. I guess this is because these types of clothes are just not as much fun to buy as pretty dresses and cosy knitwear. But they are essential pieces in my wardrobe. So when Fat Face got in touch asking if I wanted to try their anything but basic range I jumped at the chance to stock up on wardrobe basics.

Fat Face has become my go-to store for comfortable, practical clothes. They are regarded as one of the most ethical options on the high street and have made a commitment to keep improving. Which I think is brilliant. It’s so important that high street brands start making changes towards sustainability. We need to see more sustainable brands on our local high streets. Sustainable fashion shouldn’t be an exclusive club it needs to be more inclusive. Fat Face understands this and is doing what it can whilst remaining accessible.

[left]Fat Face Dungarees[/left] [right]Dungarees Outfit, Fat Face[/right]

A few weeks I popped into my local Fat Face store to check out the new autumn collection and to stock up on basics for the season ahead. After picking up a few pieces from the anything but basic range. I had a chance to explore the new collection which has so many lovely pieces. Including these black dungarees which have quickly become my favourite weekend pieces. I’ve been considering getting some dungarees for a while now. And after checking out the Fat Face website before visiting the store I knew I wanted to try them on. These were the only ones left in the store and were in my size. It’s like it was meant to be. They are seriously comfortable, there is nothing to dig in around the waist and no muffin top what so ever.

I’ve been styling them with a long sleeve Breton right now and will switch this for knitwear as the temperatures drop. The Breton shown in the photos is another pick from the Fat Face autumn collection. This is made from 100% organic cotton and is seriously soft. One thing Fat Face does so well is making new pieces feel like old favourites straight away. This was soft and comfortable right from the first wear. And perhaps most importantly it has been in the washing machine a few times and still feels as soft as the day I got it.

Fat Face Dungarees Outfit

I consider Bretons a key basic in my wardrobe and wear them all year round. I find the cut of the Fat Face ones ideal for layering at this time of year. They are less boxy than traditional Breton’s which can be uncomfortable when worn underneath other items. Whereas these are cut more like a long sleeve t-shirt which makes them very comfortable as a base layer. And that soft organic cotton feels so good against the skin.

Whilst we’re on the topic of layering pieces I also picked up a couple of pieces from Fat Face’s anything but basic range. I chose a plain white long sleeve t-shirt and a plain white vest. These were picked with winter layering in mind. I prefer to wear something underneath my knitwear in winter. I find this more comfortable and it means I can get away with washing my knits less. Like with the Breton everything from the anything but basic range is seriously soft and feels so good against the skin. Like the Breton, they have been washed several times and still look and feel great. (one of the reasons I delayed this post was to give myself time to wear and wash everything mentioned)

[left]Dungaree Outfit[/left] [right]Dungaree Outfit Detail, wardrobe basics[/right]

Unlike the Breton, the anything but basic pieces are not 100% cotton. They are made of a Pima cotton modal blend instead. I would be lying if I didn’t say this concerned me. I tend to avoid blends where I can. However, this blend seems to work well. The modal helps the cotton maintain its shape and adds a little stretch to the fabric. The Pima cotton uses longer strands then traditional cotton which makes it softer and more durable. Personally, I would prefer 100% cotton (especially organic cotton) but I do understand why Fat Face are using this blend to create a more durable piece. Which is something our hard-working wardrobe basics need to be.

If you want to learn more about who made these pieces. Fat Face has recently visited the factory in Portugal and featured it on their blog. This is unusual for a high street brand and is great to see.

Weekend Outfit featuring Fat Face Dungarees

Clothing Mentioned:

Black Dungarees

Red Stripe Breton

White Long Sleeve T-Shirt

White Vest


Disclaimer: this post is in collaboration with Fat Face who kindly gifted me all the items mentioned. As usual all thoughts and opinions are my own.

5 responses to “Back to Basics with Fat Face”

  1. Iga Berry says:

    I am waiting for dungarees! First pair since I was 13 or 14 years old. We’ll see how I feel and look – it can go either way hahaha. You look so incredibly cute and comfortable! Love, Iga

    • Jen says:

      I totally get that haven’t worn them since I was little either. Took a while to get used to again but love them now – perfect weekend outfit x

  2. Jinine Duncan says:

    Hi Jen, first up, love your blog. It has changed the way I shop. After seeing you wearing the Fat Face long sleeved tee, and reading the reviews, and of course loving the whole look of the tee, I bought 2 for myself. Am so glad I did. I live in New Zealand, it arrived within the week. They are really really nice. So comfy, well made, and perfect for Spring.

    I love that your blog is free from ads. After reading your blogs, I started listening to your recommended podcasts, starting with Conscious Chatter. Fab. So thought provoking.

    I am a home sewer, and sew all my clothes by hand. It is a great hobby, and lots of fun. Maybe that is something you’d like to do. I, like many others started to make my own clothes because I could not buy what I wanted to wear. It isn’t cheaper than some clothing lines, but it has many advantages. Thanks for your blog. It is really thought provoking, and I got a couple of organic tees, which I I needed in my small wardrobe. I never would have found them without you. Regards, and all the best, Jinine

  3. Chloe says:

    I love Fat Face’s ethical range! It’s so affordable and perfect for every day! Have you read about the likes of H&M and Zara? It’s quite concerning!

    • Jen says:

      Unfortunately, this type of news about H&M and Zara isn’t even shocking anymore there seems to be something about the dark side of fast fashion in the news every week. Yet it doesn’t seem to have any effect as no real change has happened. I decided last year to no longer write about the negative side of fast fashion and instead to concentrate on the positive stories like what Fat Face is doing. There is lots of good happening out there and that’s what I want to focus on.

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