Autumn Wardrobe Inspiration

September 1, 2017

Inspiration for my autumn capsule wardrobeWhilst I normally wait until the end of September before switching over to my autumn capsule wardrobe I do love taking my time to find inspiration. And I’m feeling very inspired for autumn right now. Despite the fact that the sun is currently shining through my window I’m deep in the world of fall fashion on Pinterest. I’m such a winter girl at heart give me crisp cold mornings over hot sweaty days. Don’t get me wrong I love a little summer heat but you can’t beat cosy autumn fashion. Snuggling up in cosy knits, chunky scarves, layers and ankle boots.

This year I’m going to take my time putting together my autumn capsule wardrobe. I’m going to really focus on discovering my dream style for the season and not just rush to wear all the cosy knits. Although I do suspect cosy knits will feature strongly.

Autumn Dream Style

Over the summer I took Me & Orla’s Insta Retreat course which had a module on discovering your dream style. Whilst the course focused on Instagram I felt it was also really relevant for your wardrobe. The basic idea is you try to find three key words which describe your dream style. You then have these words in the back of your mind whilst planning your wardrobe.

I wanted to think about my dream style to pick my keywords before I even started looking for inspiration. This meant I could scroll through Pinterest with a little focus. To find my keywords I sat down and thought about my lifestyle and personal style. I then set a timer and for 3 minutes I wrote down any word I could think of relating to style. Once I’d done this I circled the 3 which jumped out to me most. Those three words are:

Cosy, Girly, Fun

Looking at those words cosy is the only expected word from me. I even surprised myself writing down girly but I’m intrigued to see where this will take me. Whilst I’m not going to suddenly start dressing like a princess I would like to wear more dresses this autumn. And add a few more girly/ladylike pieces. I hesitated over the word colourful before settling on fun. As I mentioned on Wednesday when talking about pushing my style boundaries I want to play with my style a little more. I think I went too far in the minimal direction and now want to bring fun and colour back to my wardrobe.

Autumn Colours

Autumn colours are some of my favourite colours. I love seeing the colour of the leaves slowly change from lush green to golden shades of red and brown. So autumn seems like the perfect time to add some of those beautiful shades to my wardrobe. Last year I had burgundy as my accent colour which I will bring back this year. But I also want to add more red and maybe a little mustard or green. Whatever I decide I’m looking forward to moving away from a completely monochrome wardrobe. Although there will obviously still be plenty of monochrome in there.

Outfit Inspiration

Before planning and creating my own capsule wardrobe I always take time to find some outfit inspiration. Pinterest is my go to source for any kind of inspiration so obviously, I head straight there this time of year. This year I’ve found myself drawn to pretty autumnal dresses worn with tights, boots and a cosy cardigan. I love Rebecca from The Clothes Horse quirky yet girly style. I would definitely like to incorporate some of this into my wardrobe. Whilst keeping it ‘me’ of course.


8 responses to “Autumn Wardrobe Inspiration”

  1. Leah Wise says:

    The Clothes Horse is one of the few conventional bloggers I still follow. Her style and photography are impeccable!

  2. Victoria says:

    I’m with you about autumn. Definitely my favourite season and I love putting together an autumn wardrobe 🙂

  3. Karin Rambo says:

    I like the idea of writing down words to describe your style. It sounds easy enough, but just thinking off the top of my head, I can’t think of what mine would be! I can’t wait to dig into that!

    Karin |

  4. Shelbi says:

    This will help me with my inspiration too. It’s still summer here in the San Francisco Bay Area and will be until October-ish, so I’m still actually rocking all my summer wear. Great post!

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