Casual Autumn Outfit Formulas

November 17, 2016

Burgundy, navy and pink striped sweater from WhistlesI spoke about wanting to create a couple of basic outfit formulas in my autumn wardrobe goals, you could say I wanted to create a fall uniform. Turns out I didn’t have to work that hard to create these outfit formulas. The other day I was having a quick look through some of my previous outfit of the day pictures and found I already¬†have a uniform (AKA Outfit Formulas). Funny how we tend to wear the same style of outfit again and again. I know some people find the thought of a uniform or outfit formulas restrictive. But for me having a simple formula which I already know works makes mixing and matching my clothes easier. Especially on cold dark mornings.

I’m sharing 2 of my super simple casual outfit formulas in this post (I will share my smarter outfit formulas soon). Both of these outfit formulas work perfectly for my lifestyle and current wardrobe. And the best bit about them is they are so easy to throw on in the morning and don’t need much styling. However, with a few little styling tweaks, you can create so great outfits from these basic outfit formulas.

Outfit Formula One – A-Line Skirt + Cosy Knitwear

I added a few skirts to my wardrobe last winter as an alternative to jeans and they’ve quickly become an essential in my wardrobe. Just as easy to throw on as jeans, skirts can be worn with pretty much any top. I always find a skirt looks a little more put together than jeans so this is my go-to outfit formula for smarter days. My current go to skirt outfit formula is skirt + cosy knitwear especially tighter fitting knitwear so I don’t lose too much shape under loads of fabric. Although I do also love a chunky knit with a skirt.

Simple autumn outfit formula of skirt + knitwear, add boots and your good to go. Easy fall uniform from pieces you already have in your wardrobe, makes life easier when getting dressed in the morning

Outfit Formula Two – Jeans + Cosy Knitwear

My second casual autumn outfit formula is a simple jeans and a jumper outfit. Yes, I know a pair of jeans and a jumper is a bit of a boring outfit, but that is one of the best things about this outfit formula. Because the outfit is so simple you can use your accessories to add interest without feeling the need to buy lots of new clothes. You can completely change the look by wearing a button down shirt under the jumper or throwing on a scarf. It’s also so easy to throw on, on cold dark mornings when the wind and the rain and pounding against the window. Add boots, a scarf and a parka and you have a perfect cosy autumn/winter outfit. And let’s face it being warm is way more important than having a fancy outfit.

Simple casual fall outfit formula/uniform of jeans and a sweater. Perfect for those days when its cold and dark and you want to get dressed in a hurry. Easy outfit which doesn't require much thought/effort just add boots and you're good to go

Try creating a fall outfit formula to make getting dressed in the morning easier. Always know what to wear with a simple personal uniform. Easy way to make the most out of your capsule wardrobe



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  1. Majean says:

    I like the idea of a uniform but with flexibility like your options. You have the basics and can build on it.

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