Autumn Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration

September 28, 2016

finding new season inpsiration

At the beginning of the week, I wrapped up my spring/summer capsule wardrobe and packed my warm weather clothes away for next year. I’ve finally turned my attention towards creating my autumn capsule wardrobe. Unlike a lot of other capsule wardrobe bloggers, I decide to wait until the end of September before changing over my wardrobe. I’m so glad I decided to wait, as we had some unseasonably warm weather during September. However the weather has now started to change, and I’m finally able to get excited about my favourite season. Like everyone else I love pretty much everything about autumn. I love autumn fashion, snuggling up in cosy knits, oversized scarves, layers and ankle boots without the massive coats you need in winter. I love watching the leaves change, autumn walks in the woods with the leaves crunching under your feet. And perhaps my favourite part snuggling up inside under a blanket with a hot drink listening to the wind whistling outside. In fact whilst I’m writing this I can hear the wind whistling outside my window.

With all my excitement about the new season, I turned to my trusty Pinterest to look for inspiration for my autumn capsule wardrobe. It’s become a bit of a ritual for me to seek out outfit inspiration on Pinterest before creating a new capsule wardrobe (read my spring inspiration post and my spring inspiration post and my winter inspiration post), so of course, I had to do it for autumn as well. I can get lost in the world of Pinterest, pinning away for hours at a time. It’s always the first place I turn when looking for inspiration and will always recommend others to start there when creating a wardrobe (you can follow me here).

Outfit Inspiration

outfit ideas for autumn

Can you spot a theme? As usual, I’m inspired by cosy knitwear, scarves and camel and burgundy for autumn. I think these kinds of simple outfits work really well in autumn and I can’t wait to start wearing them after I complete my 10×10 style challenge at the weekend. Most of these outfits are something I can recreate with pieces I already have in my wardrobe which I love. I tend to only pin outfits I would actually wear and can recreate, that doesn’t mean I don’t admire other outfits they just don’t make it to my inspiration board. I have an autumn/winter style inspiration board on Pinterest which is full of outfits like these. I have a very clear autumn style. You can follow my autumn/winter style inspiration board here to see more outfits like this.

Autumn Inspiration

Inspiration for fall

While I was looking for outfit inspiration, I also found lots of inspiration for the season. As I said already I love autumn and can’t wait to snuggle up inside while a storm blows outside. How nice does sitting by the fire wrapped in a blanket with a hot drink (or glass of wine) reading a good book sound? Unfortunately, we don’t have an open fire in our house, but I can do the blankets and drinks.

I’m really excited about getting started with my autumn capsule wardrobe and I’m feeling very inspired about the new season. Now someone pass me a blanket and cup of tea.

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