Autumn 10×10 Style Challenge

October 9, 2017

Autumn 10x10 style challenge

It’s 10×10 challenge time again! I’ve taken part in a couple of these 10×10 style challenge each challenge is more enjoyable than the last. Every time I learn so much about my personal style. Which is why I’m so excited to be taking part again.

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The 10×10 style challenge is hosted by Lee from Style Bee (the challenge creator) and Caroline from Unfancy who are both lean closet inspirations. There is also a massive online community from around the world taking part. Everyone shares their outfits on Instagram using the hashtag #fall10x10. The challenge is a great way to test out capsule wardrobes and this whole minimal wardrobe thing without making a big commitment.

What is the 10×10 Style Challenge?

If you’re a little confused by this 10×10 challenge chat. Here’s what it’s all about: take 10 pieces from your wardrobe and create 10 unique outfits with them which you wear over the next 10 days. There aren’t any strict rules just do what works for you. If you want to do five work days and take the weekend off that’s fine. Or maybe you wear a uniform to work and only want to include outfits you wear in your free time. The idea is to play with your personal style and discover how less is more.

Like with capsule wardrobes your 10×10 pieces only include items you wear during the day. PJ’s, underwear and workout gear don’t count. Depending on the climate where you live you may want to exclude jackets and coats (this is what I’m doing) or other weather gear. If I need to change into waterproofs etc to walk the dog I will. There is no point in being cold and wet for the sake of a style challenge.

My Challenge Goals

As I’ve only just started my autumn capsule wardrobe I want to use this challenge to discover new ways to style my autumn pieces. I also want to challenge myself to move away from my usual autumn uniform of jeans and a jumper.

Instead of thinking about outfits and combinations before picking my pieces this time I just dived right in and pulled out some of my favourites. I’m looking forward to styling these pieces and already have loads of outfit ideas. Maybe just jumping in and pulling out whatever takes your fancy is the best way to do this? I guess time will tell if my technique worked.

This challenge is about enjoying autumn styling and making the most out of the mild weather before the cold really sets in.

My 10 Pieces

Like I said before underwear, PJs, workout gear and coats aren’t counted. My 10 pieces are the clothes I will be wearing every day during the challenge. I don’t have any special events coming up just my usual routine. I work from home most days and will be popping into the office a couple of times during the challenge. As it’s currently half-term I won’t be doing any teaching during the challenge but I still think there are a couple of appropriate outfits in the mix.

My final 10 includes:

4 tops

2 bottoms

1 dress

1 cardigan

2 pairs of boots

Fall 10x10 Style Challenge 2017. 10 pieces, 10 outfits, 10 daysBurgundy T-shirt from People Tree – Not sure if you can tell from the image but this t-shirt has the cutest little hedgehog on it. That along with the colour meant I couldn’t resist picking this up. It’s made from a Tencel and organic cotton blend and is the softest t-shirt I’ve ever owned.

Long Sleeved Stripe T-shirt from Fat Face – I think every capsule wardrobe I’ve had has included a long sleeve stripe top. They are just such versatile pieces. I tend to wear this with jeans at the weekends as it’s easy to layer up or just wear on its own.

Cashmere Crew from Everlane – I’ve been eyeing up the Everlane cashmere for a while now so when they had their recent international delivery I bite the bullet and picked one up. So far I’m really impressed with this the quality is so good for the price and the colour makes it very easy to wear.

Black Polo Neck from Uniqlo – This is the only piece include which took a little extra thought. I included this in last years autumn/winter wardrobe and didn’t get as much wear out of it as I hoped. I was a little hesitant about including it in my autumn capsule wardrobe. I’m using this 10×10 style challenge to see if it deserves its place in my wardrobe.

Skinny Jeans from Fat Face – Jeans are a pretty standard choice in my wardrobe. As I already said my autumn uniform is normally jeans and a jumper. I did consider not including any to really challenge myself but for practical days when I’m doing chores and walking the dog, I opted to have a pair included.

Burgundy Leather Skirt from Whistles (similar) – I love the colour of this skirt and the leather is such good quality. I got a lot of wear out of this during skirt during last autumn/winter and I’m excited to start wearing it again. I enjoy wearing skirts more in the colder months as it’s easy to throw them on with tights and boots.

Apple Print Dress from People Tree – How cute is this dress? This print is quite bold for me but the red and burgundy colour is familiar so I don’t feel intimated by the print. The style is very casual which also makes it easy to wear. I’m looking forward to layering with this piece.

Grey Cardigan from Fat Face – I’ve been after a longer cardigan for a while now so when I saw this in Fat Face I had to snap it up. I think this piece will help bring together my outfits as well as providing some much-needed warmth.

Black Ankle Boots from Fat Face – I wear ankle boots pretty much every day during the autumn and was kindly gifted these from Fat Face. They are smart enough for work whilst still be casual enough for the weekends. They have a low heel and are super comfortable and easy to walk in.

Tan Ankle Boots from Dune (similar) – I included these as an alternative to the black pair. Even though these have a slightly higher heel I find them to be a little more casual than the black pair I think that’s because of the lighter colour. I’ve had these for years and they are super comfortable to wear.

My Outfits

I will be sharing my outfits daily over on Instagram so make sure you are following me there to see how I style everything. During my spring 10×10 challenge, I wanted to try longer outfit posts as part of the challenge as I wanted to chat about each outfit. However, I’m not sure I can realistically manage daily outfit posts just now. Instead, I will be sharing my first 5 outfits with you on Friday and then the final 5 outfits next week. This will give me the opportunity to chat about each outfit without making the final round-up post huge.

Let me know if you will be joining the 10×10 style challenge this season.

7 responses to “Autumn 10×10 Style Challenge”

  1. Victoria M says:

    Love your 10, especially the colours! I’ve never taken part in 10×10 before but I think I might give it a go 😀

  2. This is such a fab idea and might be the best way for me to get a good idea of how to narrow my current wardrobe into a capsule one. Love your Autumnal choices, burgundy, stripes and boots are a winning combo! x

  3. Magalys says:

    I might give this a try, doesn’t seem toooo hard.

  4. Caroline says:

    This is always such a good idea! And I always love your picks. 🙂
    These colours are just perfect. I always love getting into maroon over A/W.


  5. Theoni says:

    Hello Jen this is such a great way to show how easy it is to create a new look every day with just the right combination of individual pieces. When I first became a single mum I had to learn this way of keeping my style fresh as I didn’t have the money to buy new clothes often. My close friends couldn’t believe how small my wardrobe was and it still is not that much bigger today. I’m glad you’re spreading such simple yet positive messages about how we can make our style unique with just 10 pieces. Over the past 18 months I have launched an ethical line of my own handbags with the aim to provide women with a bag that they can take them from work, to dinner, a weekend breakfast or lunch, market shopping and even yoga. Creating a cruelty free product, that looks and feels soft and leather like is the aim but more importantly the prices are affordable and the bag will go with nearly everything in your wardrobe. Website details are

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