Autumn 10×10 Style Challenge Outfits 6-10 and Round Up

October 27, 2017

I actually finished my autumn 10×10 style challenge over a week ago now but life has been getting in the way of getting this post up. That’s what you get for promising a post will be up on a certain day. But I guess its better late than never.

I had planned for this to be split into two separate posts since it’s been so long since the challenge I’ve decided to combine my final 5 outfits and the round up into one blog post. Hopefully, this doesn’t end up being too long and you can still make it to the end. We’ll start with the outfits then have a chat about how the challenge went.

Outfits 6-10

Outfits 6 and 7

Autumn 10x10 Style Challenge

These are the weekend outfits from the challenge. To me, weekend dressing is all about keeping things simple and comfortable.

I’m not 100% sure about outfit six. I love the idea of styling a dress as a skirt but not sure it’s quite right here. I think it’s the neckline of the dress showing under the jumper which doesn’t work. I kind of wanted it to be a little secret that I was wearing a dress rather than a cute skirt and the neckline gives my secret away. On a practical level, this outfit was so comfortable for a day at home and a dog walk out in the countryside. I just had to change my shoes for the dog walk as normal.

Outfit seven is another one I’m not convinced by. When I was planning my outfits for this challenge I was excited to wear this idea but once again something just feels off with it. I love all the pieces individually but they just don’t sit right together. Once again this was a very practical outfit, especially for a long Sunday walk.

Outfit Eight

Autumn 10x10 Style Challenge

I got my groove back with this outfit. I’ve been loving wearing this skirt again, the colour is so beautiful and perfect for autumn. I really like it with the simple black polo neck as it lets the skirt do the talking in the outfit.

Outfits Nine and Ten

Autumn 10x10 Style ChallengeOutfit nine was definitely a contender for my favourite outfit of the challenge. It’s so simple but the dresses cute print makes it seem like something special. A dress is just as practical as jeans and probably even more comfortable. The trick is finding one in a material which flows well and wearing the right shoes. I ended up swapping the ankle boots for wellies for today’s dog walk but that was the only change to the outfit I made.

Autumn 10x10 Style ChallengeFor the final outfit of the challenge, I went for a mix of luxury fabrics and textures with cashmere and leather. I won’t rave about the skirt again but instead, it’s the Everlane cashmere jumper’s time. This is such amazing quality for the price. It feels similar to cashmere costing 3 times what this did. I highly recommend it if you are looking to make your first cashmere purchase.

My Thoughts on The Challenge

I normally ask myself a series of questions to frame this type of post but to try to prevent this post getting too long I’m just going to ramble. I hope this section ends up making sense to you.

I think this might have been my favourite ever 10×10 challenge. My method of just pulling out the pieces that caught my eye seemed to work. Although have a feeling that may be more down to luck than stumbling on a create new capsule wardrobe technique. The fact that autumn is my favourite time of year probably added to my enjoyment of the challenge. And we can’t ignore the fact that this mini capsule is made up of my favourite colour. I just love wearing shades of burgundy so will always enjoy an outfit featuring this colour.

Other than having a great experience and coming away feeling invigorated and excited about my autumn capsule wardrobe I think this is the challenge which highlighted the benefits of skirts over jeans. My autumn uniform is pretty much always jeans and a cosy jumper. One of my goals for this challenge was to break out of this uniform and find a new uniform. I think I have finally found a uniform to compete with jeans and a jumper. I have loved wearing skirts and dresses during this challenge. They are so simple to wear and just as warm as trousers with a pair of tights. In fact, on the days I needed my wellie boots the skirt was far more practical than jeans. You can expect to see load more dresses with tights and boots over the next few months.

10 pieces, 10 days, 10 outfits. Combinations from my autumn 10x10 style challenge

3 responses to “Autumn 10×10 Style Challenge Outfits 6-10 and Round Up”

  1. Iga Berry says:

    10 x 10 challenge could work for my office wardrobe. I might give it a go after being inspired by your post. I failed miserably my last attempt in 2016 but hey, it’s a new year. Love, Iga

    • Jen says:

      I’ve done one really unsuccessful one before you really have to love the pieces you pick but its always worth a go

  2. Kari says:

    I love your outfits in this challenge. I did a 10×10 challenge this spring and October a 30×30 challenge. It was so nice to find your blog, i follow some american capsulers, but you are closer to home and easier to relate to regarding climate and also fashion. I live in Bergen, Norway and we have much the same climate. Wet,wet, wet.

    Would love if you took a look at my little blog.

    Kari x

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