Autumn 10×10 Outfits 1-5

October 16, 2017

I passed the half-way point of my Autumn 10×10 style challenge on Friday and so far I think this might be my favourite ever 10×10. Before starting I ummed and ahhed about whether or not to do daily outfit posts during the challenge. In the end, I decided against doing daily posts as it’s hard enough finding the time for weekly content let alone daily. However, I knew I wanted to share my thoughts on each outfit with you so have settled on a roundup type posts.

Today I’m sharing my thoughts on outfits 1-5 and later this week I’ll share outfits 6-10. Then next week I will do a full round-up post with my thoughts and reflections on the challenge.

Most of the week was spent working from home which gave me complete freedom over what I could wear. The only day which involved a trip to the office was Thursday (outfit 4). I always try to dress a little smarter when I’m in the office and found I could easily with my chosen pieces. I should point out whilst I do try to dress smarter my work is still very casual so what I wear to the office may not be appropriate for some offices.

So let’s just jump in and look at the outfits so far.

Outfit One

Autumn 10x10 Style Challenge

I decided to start off the challenge with the simplest outfit. This dress is a new addition to my wardrobe and I’ve been looking forward to wearing it. I included it in this challenge so I could play around and find new ways of styling it. Although this outfit doesn’t have any styling I really like it. The print definitely makes this dress fun to wear. I find wearing a dress very comfortable and with tights and boots it can be just as practical as jeans.

Outfits Two & Three

[left]Autumn 10x10 Style Challenge[/left]

[right]Autumn 10x10 Style Challenge[/right]

The temperature dropped on day two so I reached for the black polo neck and jeans. I throw on this scarf for extra warmth and to help break up the black of the polo neck. I know I wanted to use this challenge to move away from the constant jeans and a jumper look but some days just need something simple and warm.

Day 3 was another chilly and rainy day so once again I reached for an easy out. In my opinion, you really can’t go wrong with breton stripes. They are just so simple and easy to wear yet make you look put together. This outfit is something I wear regularly so knew it would work for me.

Outfits Four & Five

[left]Autumn 10x10 Style Challenge[/left]

[right]Autumn 10x10 Style Challenge[/right]

Thursday was my office day last week so I wanted to dress a little smarter. I went for a monochrome look with my leather skirt and burgundy t-shirt. If I’m honest I wasn’t too sure if this would work but ended up loving the outfit. In fact, this is my favourite outfit of the challenge so far. It’s not something I would have tried if it wasn’t for the challenge and now I can see it being repeated lots this autumn.

Friday was another day at home with a quick trip into the local town to run errands so I stuck with my usual jeans and a jumper. It also happened to be pouring with rain so needed something practical. This Everlane cashmere jumper is so soft and I’m so impressed with the quality especially when you consider the price ($100).

Shop My 10×10 Pieces

Burgundy T-shirt from People Tree 

Long Sleeved Stripe T-shirt from Fat Face

Cashmere Crew from Everlane

Black Polo Neck from Uniqlo

Skinny Jeans from Fat Face

Burgundy Leather Skirt from Whistles (similar)

Apple Print Dress from People Tree

Grey Cardigan from Fat Face

Black Ankle Boots from Fat Face

Tan Ankle Boots from Dune (similar)

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