Anti-Haul: Spring Trends Edition

March 6, 2017

Anti-Haul: Spring trends I won't be buying into I first came across the idea of an anti-haul from The Anna Edit a few weeks ago when she spoke about style items she wouldn’t be buying. Anna got the idea from Kimberley Clarks YouTube channel. This channel was new to me and I’m addicted Kimberley is hilarious and so sassy. Basically, an anti-haul is a list of things you won’t be buying instead of the usual haul of things you’ve bought. I think it’s a great way to challenge the consumer nature of blogs and the haul culture in general.

After finding myself nodding along to everything Anna listed in her anti-haul blog post I knew I had to create my own version. As you guys know I’m not a big shopper (anymore – read all about my wardrobe journey) so I decided to focus on Spring trends I won’t be buying into. At this time of year, we’re being bombarded by magazines and blogs telling us we must follow the latest trends. But it’s OK to say no to trends after all we’re wanting to curated timeless wardrobes not buy into fast fashion and its ever-changing trends. So here are the Spring trends you won’t be seeing in my wardrobe this year (or any other year)

Spring trends I won't be buying into Fluted Sleeves

I totally get the appeal of all the big fluted sleeves in the shops right now. Even I was tempted by THAT Marks and Spencer jumper. Fluted sleeves look amazing in outfit photos and are so Instagramable. But the inner granny in me just thinks about how unpractical they are. How do eat without getting your sleeve in your dinner? How to wear a coat on top of them? Don’t they get in the way when you’re trying to work? And don’t get me started on how on earth you go to the bathroom in them. I don’t want to spend half my day struggling to do basic tasks because of my clothes. So, I won’t be buying into the fluted sleeves trend no matter how good they look on Instagram.


I think my style is far too minimalist for ruffles. To me, it’s all far too much with frills all over your clothes. I like clean simple lines without any fuss. And ruffles and the Victoriana trend is way too fussy for my style. Like with the fluted sleeves I totally get the appeal and think they look amazing in photos but would not work for my lifestyle. I’m not about to wear a ruffle dress to walk the dog in the muddy woods. This trend is too girly and pretty for me which means it has to be on my anti-haul list.

Spring trends I won't be buying into Cold Shoulders

I don’t get the whole cold shoulder trend. Again, the old granny in me questions how practical they are. Surely if it’s chilly enough for long sleeves then it’s cold enough to cover your shoulders. It’s just not just shoulders, I don’t understand the need for cutouts in clothes. I don’t want to flash random bits of skin.

Whilst we’re talking about shoulders apparently big shoulder pads are going to popular this spring. Now I know I will be staying as far away from this trend as possible. If you ask me shoulder pads should be left in the 80s where they belong. Any trend involving cold or statement shoulders is a no go for me.

Slogan Tees

I don’t have anything against this trend but I know it’s not for me. I’m a grown woman in my thirties I don’t want some tacky slogan written across my t-shirt. I’m much more comfortable with a simple plain white tee no matter how boring some people think that is. I won’t be buying any slogan tees this spring and sticking to the simple plain tees I know I’ll get heaps of wear out of.

Crop Tops

This is another trend I think I’m too old for. Never mind the fact that I have a flabby belly. Although I think even if I had a flat toned stomach I wouldn’t be wanting to walk around with it hanging out. Like I’ve already said I don’t need to be flashing random bits of skin. I’m much happier covering up a little. I don’t mind a crop top worn with something high waisted where only a tiny bit of skin shows when you move. It’s the short crop top which shows a lot of skin that I don’t like.

Anti-Haul: Spring trends I won't be buying into

Minimalist fashion blogger Tartan Brunette shares her spring trend anti-haul list. Click through to read all the trends she won't be buying this spring

28 responses to “Anti-Haul: Spring Trends Edition”

  1. Elle says:

    Great post – I agree with all of these! Especially the fluted sleeves and the victorian-style. No thanks!

  2. Paula says:

    Hear, hear. Question is also how long these trends will actually last. I much prefer things that suit me and that I feel great in, rather than gimmicky novelties.

  3. Charlotte says:

    I thought exactly he same about the fluted sleeves! Like I am he messiest person and here’s no way I wouldn’t drag them through my dinner haha! I go have a cold shoulder jumper though, I bought it from a charity shop after being lured in by the super soft fabric and was disappointed with the cold shoulders but thought I could wear it indoors. However recently I wore it with a really bright tshirt underneath and really liked it

  4. Jessica says:

    I agree with all of them. I’m so relieved I’m not the only one who will skip these trends. I will skip mules too (not sure if that’s what they are called, I mean those backless slippers). I don’t know how I would keep them on my feet.
    I love your blog, you have given me some great ideas.
    Love from Holland!

  5. Jillian says:

    Thank You!! I have been totally baffled by the cold shoulder trend since I started. It makes zero sense to me. Ditto on the fluted sleeves as well.

  6. Rachel says:

    With you on most of these but I do like be a ruffle, perhaps it’s because a Victorian lace blouse was one of the very first clothing items I specifically yearned and saved for (in about 1980…)

    • Jen says:

      Your Victorian blouse sounds loving. If you love a trend then of course you should buy it as you’ll want to wear it again and again x

  7. Judy says:

    Yes to all of your Noes. Loved the Anna Edit you linked up a couple of weeks ago, and it is comforting to be in the company of others who feel free to say, nope, I’m good here.

  8. ly says:

    I’m 36 & fat. I still love slogan tees & I can rock s crop top. Obviously everyone has their own taste & aesthetic, but I hate reading about folk being too old, too fat or too anything. Everyone can wear anything. I think that language just feeds into societies ridiculousnody standards & judging of women.

    • Jen says:

      I wasn’t for a second implying that anyone was too old or fat to wear trends. The post was about rejecting trends and opting for timeless style. In a way going against societies notion that women have to ‘keep up with’ fashion and continue to buy into ridiculous short term trends. I personally do feel too old for some trends and I’m not going to apologise for how I feel. My style has evolved as I’ve gotten older, I think that’s just part of growing up. Our style changes as our lives change.

  9. Ally Hird says:

    Agree with most of those, and loving the concept of an anti-haul! I do have a fluted sleeve sweater that I’m in love with – and a slogan sweatshirt from Whistles about 3 years ago (!) that I still love wearing, so am already in with a couple of trends without even shopping. Won’t be going for the floral dresses or all the brights that are around though. And totally agree with Jessica that the mules thing is so not going to be happening! I remember having a pair in the 90s and they were the most uncomfortable and utterly annoying shoes.

  10. Becky says:

    I can’t deal with the cold shoulder thing either! I just don’t get it! I live in monochrome and animal print all year every year!

    Beekeyper – latest – Beauty Pie Haul Vol.2-review and swatches

  11. Emma fisher says:

    I totally agree with all of these and I own a fluted sleeve jumper. Of sorts. It might be because it’s too big for me though. But it’s a pain in the ass to do any of those daily tasks in. But man it’s fluffy and soft and did I mention, far too big for me so crazy snuggly!

  12. Leda says:

    Couldn’t agree more about all of these! Especially fluted sleeves- I love the look of them on others, but I know that they’ll overwhelm my small frame and be very unflattering on me! Plus, I know that by next season, they’ll be old news- so why invest? I’m all about buying clothes that I know I’ll wear for years to come. In fact, I have a few dresses and other bits from high school that I still wear now at uni! It might be because I’ve shopped at non-teen stores before I was out of my teens…

    Always loving your blog!

    xo Leda

  13. Thomasina says:

    Love it! I think you covered every trend that just doesn’t do it for me and the reasons why 😉

  14. Danish Pastry says:

    So refreshing to see a post about what not to buy!
    Must admit I do like the look of statement sleeves, but not with gravy stains on, which is what mine would end up with! I have just ordered a ruffle shirt, which is minimalist. The ruffle is vertical down the placard and no collar. I feel that it’s minimalist enough to stand the test of time.
    It’s a big no to cropped tops and cold shoulders. And a double no to mules, especially those with fur – I doubt they’d be comfortable, my feet would be cramping with the effort to keep them on!

    • Jen says:

      Your shirt sounds nice and as you say simple enough that it’ll work in a few years time rather than being a passing trend. Totally with you on the mules (especially those fur ones) no idea how people even keep them on their feet.

  15. Joanne says:

    We all know I love a trend, I do wish I wasn’t so easily sucked in though! Although I do agree, those sleeves are strange, definitely not a trend for me.

    Joanne // Fashion Polaroids

  16. Caroline says:

    Yes yes yes to all this!
    I am so with you on the flute sleeves. I’ve been so close to purchasing, but the mum in me just thinks about the practicality of it and it goes right back into the ‘wish list’. Haha!
    Ruffles are the same. I feel I should purchase something, but have yet to find something that I like that isn’t too ‘girly’, as I am not. Right back into ‘wish list’..
    Now cold shoulders I’m half with. I like my bardot tops. However, I don’t understand those tops that are put out in places. I think of them more as summer tops and can’t help thinking what you’d look like after wearing it in the sun. Patchy.
    Slogan tees I’m with you. I can’t remember the blogger, but I can’t help but think of the uproar when someone didn;t pronounce a band correctly and it just brought about a lot of people calling for people to not wear band tees if they didn’t know the band. But like you, I feel, it’s not in my style, nor to do I feel that on trend to wear it.
    And finally the crop top. Not.Happening.Ever. Abs or no abs.
    I’m going to pop across and read Anna’s post, as think I missed it. 🙂


  17. Chrissie Dyson says:

    I am not a fan of all the off the shoulder and cold shoulder tops, if I had a pound for every time I’d thought I’d spotted a nice skirt and it turned out to be a top… Ditto romper dresses that weren’t dresses… Grrr
    And D’Orsay flats – I suspect I’d have to glue them on my feet – will stick to hording them on Pinterest. I won’t be buying anything in black at all – I look half dead in it.

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