Last Thursday I popped along to The Nail Yard in Morningside for an Evening with Margaret Dabbs who is a world renowned Podiatrist.
The evening began with a glass of Prosecco, some canapes (unfortunately I was heading home to eat after so couldn’t fully enjoy the canapes) and some networking. Margaret then spoke about her journey as an entrepreneur creating her own products. She wanted to create a range of foot care products with combined health and beauty that people would be proud to use – rather than hiding them away in a drawer. You could tell Margaret was really passionate about her work and really knew her stuff. We also received a very generous gift bag containing a crystal nail file, hand serum and foot lotion. I tried the hand serum as soon as I got home as its something I’ve never come across before. You use this just like a facial serum to help prevent the signs of ageing on your hands. The serum absorbs quickly and leaves hands feeling silky smooth. You only need a small amount so the 30ml tube should last a while.
The foot lotion has a lovely citrus scent which makes a nice change from the usual mint scent of foot products. It is a lightweight cream which absorbs really quickly which makes it stand out from most foot lotions which tend to be thick heavy creams. I’ve used this a few times and it is really hydrating and leave your feet feeling really soft and smooth. This has some amazing reviews on QVC, which you can read here.
It is worth pointing out that these products contain Emu oil which makes them unsuitable for vegetarians. Margaret did explain that the Emu oil is a byproduct of the meat industry and is no different from wearing leather shoes or owning a sheepskin rug. But it is up to you to decide if you want to use a product using this type of ingredient. Personally, I don’t mind.






The Nail Yard is a fairly new salon in the Morningside area of the city. It is a luxury salon with a focus on healthy natural products. The team are really friendly and really do know their stuff. The salon has a luxury feel about it – it feels a little special compared to other nail bars in the city. The salon is decorated with lots of pretty plants helping to create a natural feeling environment. You can even do some colouring in while having your pedicure – how great is that. The prices are reasonable for a city centre salon with a signature manicure costing between £28-£38 (depending on polish type). You can find their full range of treatments and prices on their website. I plan a booking a Margaret Dabbs pedicure soon.









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