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November 18, 2016

Floral print dress styled for winter

Winter Floral shirt dress styled with a pair of suede over the knee bootsI’ve featured this floral dress a couple of times on the blog and find it surprisingly versatile. As much as I love wearing dresses sometimes they aren’t that easy to style in different ways. With separates, it’s really easy to mix and match but dresses require a little more thought and effort to style up differently every time. I think this is especially true with a patterned dress like this one. With a bold statement piece (to me this is a bold statement piece) like this dress, it can be so easy just to throw it on a leave it how it is. Obviously, this is one of the perks of dresses, just throw one on and you have a complete outfit. But when you have a capsule wardrobe and want to make the most out of it through mix and match outfits dresses can be a little tricky.

This is the third time this dress has featured on the blog, and I’ve managed to style it differently every time. From keeping things simple in the summer to layering over it for autumn to this winter florals look. Who’d have thought a floral shirt dress could be so versatile?

Winter Florals - Styling a floral dress for winterStyle + Fit Notes

Layering: I’ve been experimenting with different ways to layer clothes recently. Normally when I think of layering, I always think of putting extra layers on top of an outfit instead of layering underneath something. Here I’ve added a turtle neck jumper underneath the dress to add warmth and make it winter appropriate. I think this works better than a jumper or cardigan over the top of the dress as you can still see the dress and its beautiful floral pattern.

Dress: Every single time I put on a dress I ask myself why I don’t wear them more often. As I said above one of the reasons is they are difficult to mix and match so can be tricky to style in unique ways. However, I do enjoy wearing dresses and don’t mind being an outfit repeater. So maybe I should try to wear them more often.

Pattern: As I’ve already said I don’t wear much pattern or colour as I prefer simple clothes. However, this dress is an exception to this as I love the floral pattern. I like that the pattern is big and bold and looks great against the black background. For me, the easiest way to wear a pattern is with a black background as I can add my black pieces to it easily making it easier to wear.

Statement Boots: I can’t tell you how happy I am that it’s over the knee boot season again. I love how these boots make such a bold statement and they keep your legs warm at the same time. I’ve gone with bare legs here and my legs didn’t feel cold at all, however, throw on a pair of tights for extra cosiness. The boots also help make the floral dress look more winter appropriate.

Styling over the knee boots with a floral dressStand Out Piece

I’ve spoken about the dress a lot already in this post so I’m going for the over the knee boots as my stand out piece. I was kindly gifted these boots by Ted & Muffy last year and have worn them so many times since. They look just as good with jeans as they do dresses. I was always hesitant about over the knee boots, for fear of looking a bit ‘lady of the night’ and because I’m on the short side. I didn’t think they would look right on my short legs. The trick for avoiding the ‘lady of the night’ look is avoiding super short skirts, tight dresses and showing too much skin, all things I avoid anyway.

Styling a floral dress for winterShop My Outfit

Dress – Warehouse* (exact and it’s on sale)

Turtle Neck – Uniqlo (exact)

Boots – Ted & Muffy* (similar)


* Items have been kindly gifted to me. As usual, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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