5 Ways to Wear Your Party Dress

December 8, 2016

Party season has well and truly begun. I’m sure a few of you have the first lot of Christmas nights out this weekend (some may have already started). With all those holiday parties comes the added pressure of finding something to wear. Chances are you will know some of the same people at every event. This puts so much pressure on us to wear something different for every party. Which increases the temptation to run to the nearest store and buy the first outfit you see. But as we all know this is how we end up buying things we don’t need and wouldn’t wear again. Pressurised purchases never end well. Not to mention how unethical and unsustainable a new outfit for every party is. But what if you just wear the same dress to ever party this year.

I know what your thinking, I can’t wear the same dress to every event people will notice. To be honest the chances are that most people are too busy thinking about their outfit to notice what you’re wearing. Could you tell me what your friends were wearing the last time you saw them? So go ahead be an outfit repeater this party season. You can break the cycle of buying un-needed clothes just for one party by wearing the same dress to every party. You can make it feel different by having some fun styling it up in unique ways. It’s also a more ethical and sustainable way to dress for the party season. I’m going to show you 5 ways to wear the same dress to every holiday party without anyone noticing.

The Office Christmas Party

Keep things simple for the office Christmas party, just add heels to your favourite dress and grab a clutch bagFor the big office Christmas party show of the dress by keeping accessories simple. Here I’ve just added a pair of heels and a simple clutch bag. The outfit is smart enough for the fanciest party but doesn’t feel like too much. Of course, if your style is more fancy add lots of glitzy jewellery or maybe some faux fur.

The Family Gathering

Dress down your party dress with a polo neck underneathFor a family event, I’ve added a turtle neck jumper underneath. This adds some extra warmth and it helps dress down the look. I’ve teamed it with my over the knee boots but a pair of flat boots would also look great. This outfit is smart enough that it looks like you’ve made an effort but still casual enough for a relaxed family gathering (which is hard to do).

Night Out With Friends

Try wearing a skirt over your dress to completely change the look for a night out with friendsI love this outfit, adding the skirt has completely changed the style of the dress. I think this outfit would be perfect fro pre-Christmas drinks with friends. It’s less formal than the dress alone but is still as smart. Team with heeled boots and a clutch bag for a night out on the town.

After Work Drinks

Try adding a button down shirt under your dress to make it work appropriateGoing out straight from work can be difficult. You need to dress professional while at work but don’t want to completely change your outfit before heading out. Here I’ve added a button down shirt underneath the dress to give it a professional look but it’s still suitable for after work drinks. With this outfit there’s no faffing about trying the change in the work toilets, just top up your lippy and go.

Christmas Lunch

Wear a boxy t-shirt over your dress for Christmas lunchYou want to look smart at your Christmas lunch but it needs to be comfortable enough to eat a large meal in. Wearing the looser fit boxy t-shirt over the dress will help conceal any post-lunch food babies and make sitting in the dress more comfortable.

5 unique ways to style a dress this party season. Wear the same dress to every party without anyone noticing

Don't want to buy lots of new dresses this party season. Wear the same dress to every party without anyone noticing by using some clever styling techniques. Click through to find out how to wear the same dress to every party this holiday season

The Dress

If you plan on wearing the same dress to every party this season I recommend keeping it simple. People might start to notice that you’ve worn a gold sparkly dress to everything. Although if you want to wear that gold sparkly dress go ahead. My dress was from Reiss a few years ago (bought in the sales) so isn’t available anymore. However, you can style up pretty much any dress in these 5 ways. I prefer the navy dress as it’s a little different from the usual black but still neutral enough to wear to every party. I’ve found a few different navy dress options below for you.

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  1. Avadhi says:

    This party wear dress styling were amazing. I liked it very much and i will try this blacky outfit once!

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