I hope you all had a great Easter, eating chocolate and enjoying the sunshine. I had a lovely long weekend visiting family and doing a bit of DIY (currently installing a shower and re-tiling our bathroom). Since the sun has finally made an appearance (hopefully it’s planning to stay) and it is now officially Spring, I thought I’d share 5 things to help you get yourself and your home ready for the warmer months.

Spring Cleaning
Has anyone else noticed their house seems so dusty now the sun is shining through the windows again? It really doesn’t take long to get your home looking good again. Start by getting the windows open and letting in some fresh air. Then give your surfaces a quick wipe and hoover your floors. Put some fresh sheets on your bed and put away any winter blankets. Buy some fresh flowers to brighten up your room (just a cheap bunch from the supermarket will do).

Clear Out Your Wardrobe
Spring is the perfect time to sort out your wardrobe and get rid of any clothes you no longer wear. Check out my post on clearing out your wardrobe for tips and advice. If you have space I recommend putting away your winter clothes for next year. Even moving your thick winter coats from your coat pegs to the wardrobe should make a difference. Just remember we live in the UK so don’t store all your jumpers yet!

Get Outdoors
Now the sun is out and we have lighter evening again, it’s the ideal time to get outdoors. Go for a short walk after work to help you to relax and get some fresh air. Make time at the weekend to go out and explore the countryside. If it’s a nice day pop along to your local beer garden for a drink or spend some time in your garden.

Make Plans
Now is a great time to make exciting plans for the summer. Starting thinking about whether or not you will go away on holiday and get something booked. If you’re staying at home plan some activities you can do closer to home. Are any of your friends getting married this summer? Start planning your outfit.

Switch Up Your Make Up
Similar to clearing out your wardrobe now is a perfect time to switch up your makeup bag ready for summer. Throw away any old or out of date makeup and anything you don’t use anymore. Swap your winter favourites for more spring/summer appropriate makeup. It’s also a perfect excuse to pop along to your local boots to make the most of their 3 for 2 offer (not that we need an excuse!).

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