5 Ethical Brands Worth Paying Extra For

April 24, 2018

5 ethical brands worth the extra money

When you’re trying to shop ethical and sustainable fashion the higher price bracket can feel like a pretty big obstacle. Parting with your hard earned cash can be tough, especially if an ethical brand is new to you. How do you know if it really is better quality and is it worth spending the extra money? I’ve definitely asked myself these questions before whilst hovering over the purchase button credit card in hand.

Today I wanted to share 5 ethical brands I’ve bought clothes from with my own hard earned money which I think have been worth every penny. In the interest of transparency, I have worked with a couple of the brands mentioned on either a gifting or sponsored basis. However, I’m basing my opinion on the clothes I’ve paid for myself when judging their value for money. Whilst I’m able to comment on quality when I’ve been gifted items value for money is a little trickier. If the full amount hasn’t left my bank account it can be hard to judge whether or not something is really worth the money. I know I’m definitely a harsher critic if I’ve spent the £100 on something than if I’ve been gifted something.

People Tree

People Tree is slowly overtaking my wardrobe, I have so many pieces from there. People Tree is one of the pioneers of ethical and fair trade fashion and is a brand you can trust. Everything I have from them is amazing quality. They sell lots of organic cotton which is not only soft and comfortable to wear but is very easy to care for. Prices range from £35 for a t-shirt to £100 for a dress/jumpsuit. Shop there for great quality basics and pretty dresses.


Everlane is a little harder to get hold of if you live in Europe. But they currently have international shipping available so now is the perfect time to make an order. Everlane sells great quality basics and has a cool girl minimalist vibe about them. Prices range from $20 for a t-shirt to $100 for a dress. I highly recommend their $100 cashmere sweaters and wear my short swing trench all spring/summer.

P.i.C Style

I was lucky enough to get to wear some P.i.C Style pieces for a blogger collaboration last year. I went straight home and ordered something for myself as I loved wearing them so much. P.i.C Style is a London based brand with everything made locally. They have created a unique capsule wardrobe of clever versatile pieces which all work perfectly together. I own the London mini and currently have my eye on the Hackney Jumpsuit. Prices range from £60 for the mini to £175 for the jumpsuit. Shop here for unique versatile pieces which will go with everything in your wardrobe.

Ally Bee Knitwear

I treated myself to an Ally Bee Poncho Jumper just before Christmas and wore it pretty much non-stop during the cold weather. Ally Bee Knitwear is designed to last a lifetime and the quality is exceptional. I can see my jumper being in my wardrobe for years to come. Best of all everything is made ethically from sustainably sourced yarn. Prices range from £69 for a wool hat to £189 for a poncho sweater. Shop here for investment knitwear you will keep forever.


This is another brand I invested in after wearing for a photo shoot. Po-Zu makes some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. Everything is ethically made using sustainable materials and the majority of the range is vegan too. Prices range from £99 for a pair of trainers to £125 for heeled sandals. Shop here for super comfortable trainers you wouldn’t want to take off.


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2 responses to “5 Ethical Brands Worth Paying Extra For”

  1. Love this blog. I think the more people know about ethical and sustainable brands, the more shopping options they’ll have and not associate ethical and sustainable with hippie. I’m a artisan indigo dyer and sometimes explaining to people why their scarf cost more compared to one from the highstreet can be frustrating! The only way they get it is by seeing and understanding the processes involved in creating their clothes and accessories. Then the any drops.
    Great post. Thanks!

  2. Sustainable fashion is growing with time and the buyers are getting more and more careful of what they buy. It’s great to see so many brands giving a lot more importance to sustainability.

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